Since 1991 – MetalJobs Network has served the Metals Industry for over twenty-five years.  Our specialty is identifying, attracting, and placing exceptional sales, sales management, and purchasing professionals.  Our candidates are from Metal Producers, Mills, Processors, and Service Centers.  These companies sell ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals in various shapes and forms including flat, long, structural, extruded, and other profiles made from carbon, stainless, aluminum, red metals, specialty metals, and other alloys.  Whether your team is undersized, has a weak link, or you need to fill a vacant position, partnering with MetalJobs Network will substantially speed up the hiring process and increase the odds for landing your ideal candidate.

Types of positions we fill:
  • Sales – Including inside sales, outside sales, trading, business development, product management, sales management and executive sales management
  • Procurement – Including buying, purchasing, supply chain and procurement management
  • Operations – Including production, lean/continuous improvement, plant, branch, operations and general management
  • Manufacturing – Including all levels of maintenance, extrusion, fabrication, casting and other processes
  • Technical – Including all levels of metallurgy, quality, technology and engineering

Targeted Candidates – Every company, candidate, and search is unique. When you partner with MetalJobs Network, you get a team that truly understands your industry.  We know “your metal is not just any metal”.  Knowing the differences between ferrous and non-ferrous, or 300 vs 400 series, or flat products vs long products are all critical factors in finding the right candidates.  In order to achieve the quickest and best results, we work directly with the person to whom the new employee will report.  Each candidate undergoes a multi-step internal interview process.  Only those few who have the right experience, skills, and personality, along with a keen interest in your opportunity, company, and location are submitted.  We work closely with all parties throughout the Placement Process to increase the odds of securing the candidate of your choice.  (Engage Our Services)

Speed, Specialization, and Process:
  • Shorten hiring time with a team-based search, recruitment and placement approach
  • Increase qualified candidates by targeting both passive and active candidates
  • Increase talent quality by proactively reaching out to candidates from competitors
  • Increase percentage of offers accepted by testing offer packages ahead of time
  • Avoid counter-offers by working with candidates through the resignation process
  • Increase retention by providing on-boarding guidance to both parties

Employer Resources – Since the hiring process doesn’t end with an offer acceptance, we provide access to onboarding information to increase your odds of keeping your new employee long term.  See our Employer Resources page for more information on retaining talent.