About ConstructionJobs

ConstructionJobs Network is a niche recruiting firm which specializes in the direct placement of high-impact talent within the construction industry. Our specialty is recruiting the best sales and business development professionals to grow your business!

As a division of SANINC we provide our clients, and the candidates we represent, with the advantage of 25 years of industry experience. Our recruiters are certified, qualified, and specialists within their industry sector.

As a member of the Sanford Rose Network we are a part of one of the Top 10 Recruiting organizations in North America. When you work with CJN you receive the customer centric, hands-on benefits of working with boutique firm, and the robust capability of working with an industry leader.

Why Us…

ConstructionJobs Network is a team of seasoned recruiters focused exclusively on professional sales positions in the construciton industry.  By understanding the industry, asking the right questions, and focusing on the unique needs of both clients and candidates, our team simplifies the process and brings value to all involved.

  • Speed: At any given time, our recruitment team has recently interviewed candidates who are open to discussing career advancements. This, combined with a full-time research team, an established database, and process-driven recruitment, give us an ability to provide rapid results.
  • Specialization: Tour team is deeply knowledgeable in the construction industry because we understand the products, the language, and the industry nuances. Each day we continually evaluate new candidates and new job opportunities.
  • Process: Our process begins with developing a search plan. This includes utilizing a full-time research staff, an established database, the latest recruiting technologies, and most importantly, DEDICATED PHONE TIME. Often, the best candidates may be working for direct competitors  and not even thinking about a career change until our team presents a compelling new opportunity. It is our goal to uncover the best talent and then execute our process to understand everyone’s needs, wants, and desires.
  • Professionalism:  Every day we strive to live our guiding principles and sustaining high ethics within our industry.  As such, we are  great brand ambassadors for your company where we advance and protect your reputation through our professional interaction with all candidates.
  • Quality: We are committed to providing high-impact talent to our clients.  We are equally committed to providing our candidates with a professional job search experience.

"I really enjoy working with the recruiter. She's extremely responsive, friendly, and gives good advice when we're in the process with candidates."


"I'm not sure there is enough room to describe how great of a Recruiter and overall person Kary is. I had the pleasure to get to know Kary over the past few months due to a job opening she was recruiting me for. Although this job didn't work out, due to the company taking to long. I was actually hired by another company. I'd still recommend Kary for all your recruiting needs. Kary is everything a recruiter should be, which in todays job market is rare. I have connected with countless recruiters who lied repeatedly or would tell me I'm great, only to never hear from them again. Kary was nothing but honest, straightforward, kind, funny and most importantly understands what a candidate goes through when seeking a new opportunity. Not only did Kary stay in contact with me throughout the process, she even prepared me for my interviews. She genuinely cares about her prospects and it shows. Although we didn't make it work this time, I believe I've gained a life long recruiter and would recommend Kary to anyone seeking a career in the construction field."


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