Joey Golemboski


As a Search Consultant for CJN, Joey brings a history of relationship-based client, team development, and a knack for finding exceptional talent. Experiencing authentic enjoyment in the process of discovery, requiring a “win-win-win” environment for the foundation of any deal, and an unwavering focus on both client and candidate achieving long term goals are what separates him from his peers.

“My favorite part about client relationships is knowing that I am able to help someone take that next step in the direction they want to be headed. My goal has been to always find a way for them to feel better about their situation, whatever that is, after they finished talking with me than before we met. I see the ability to provide that same type of guidance and assistance in helping candidates be placed at a company where there is more potential for them and their goals. When this all comes to fruition, that’s the best moment of a deal.”- Joey

Joey is a lifetime resident of Louisville and a graduate of Bellarmine University, where he played baseball during his tenure as a student. He married his wife, Vicki, in December of 2017 and they are expecting their first child, a little girl, in the summer of 2019!