Mark Stocker

Principal Owner

Mark is the Principal Owner of SANINC and its 4 divisions, ConstructionJobs Network, MetalJobs Network, PlasticJobs Network, and ITJobs Network.  Prior to entering the recruiting and placement profession, he spent over twenty years building, training, and managing successful sales teams. This “in the trenches” experience gave him the skill sets he uses today to recruit, evaluate, and place top talent.

The ConstructionJobs Network team focuses exclusively on professionals working in the Construction Industry. By having a speciality niche and using a fine-tuned search and placement process, Mark’s team of recruiters are able to provide fast results which acutely reflect the specific needs of both clients and candidates.

  • Speed: At any given time, this recruitment team has recently interviewed several hundred candidates who are open to discussing career advancements. This, combined with a full-time research team, a database that has been built and updated over twenty years, and process-driven recruitment, give Mark’s team an ability to provide rapid results.
  • Specialization: After years of focusing specifically on construction industry professionals, Mark and his team are experts because they understand the products, the language, and the industry nuances. Each day they continually evaluate new candidates and new job opportunities ranging from Executive Managers, General Managers, Operation Managers, Purchasing Managers, Project Managers, Estimators, Engineers, and various other positions all within the specific niche of Construction.
  • Process: Mark’s and his team’s process begins with developing a search plan. This includes utilizing a full-time research staff, a database with over 10,000 construction industry contacts, the latest recruiting technologies, and most importantly, DEDICATED PHONE TIME.  Often, the best candidates may be working for direct competitors and not even thinking about a career change until his team presents a compelling new opportunity.  It is the goal of Mark’s team to uncover the best and then execute our process to understand their needs, wants, and desires.

Partnering with the ConstructionJobs Network team means more offers accepted and condensed opening-to-hire times.  Give Mark a call to discuss whether your needs align with our services.