Our Hiring Clients: 8-Step Recruiting Process


To help achieve your strategic staffing objectives in the shortest possible time, we want to identify those things about your plastics company—its history, values, and culture—that will excite recruited candidates about using their skills, experience, and personality to make a positive difference in your employment. The classic job posting is important; but often it is the details about the job’s challenges, responsibilities, and growth opportunities that will attract the best talent.


Each new executive search begins with developing a plan designed to leave no stone unturned in identifying ideal job candidates and referral sources. Using our extensive in-house staffing database, our research team generates a call list for your job posting. We add to that list by obtaining the most current information from professional social networks and other public and private staffing databases.


Supported by extensive staffing resources, our recruiters actively recruit quality job candidates from wherever they may be found. While we utilize the latest technologies for recruiting, it is the old fashion one-on-one phone conversations that are the heartbeat of our recruiting business.


Available job candidates who fit your employee-search profile are evaluated in two stages. First, recruiters assess the candidate’s skill levels, accomplishments, career goals, and product and territory exposures in the plastics industry. Then, a recruiting supervisor screens a short list of job candidates to determine who best fits the hiring client’s ideal employee profile.*

*Confidential searches can remain such until you choose to engage a particular candidate. 


Our recruiters bring about the mutual goals of hiring clients and job candidates by facilitating communication between the two in a timely and efficient manner. Throughout the hiring company’s interview process, we work closely with both parties in scheduling, questioning, listening, informing, and expediting the process to ensure everyone is on the same page. The involvement of our recruiters guarantees a smooth movement forward towards the offer stage or a graceful withdrawal.


Our offer-to-acceptance ratio is extremely high because our recruiters stay engaged throughout the hiring process. The needs, desires, and goals of both hiring clients and job candidates are critical when formulating an acceptable offer package. Our recruiters prove indispensable at this delicate stage, establishing realistic expectations for both parties. The intermediary role of our recruiters is key to making an offer that everyone can be excited about.


Many job candidates juggle multiple offers, and some employers make counter offers to retain resigning employees. We help job candidates avoid these situations by assisting them with the proper resignation process, and we coach hiring clients about how to avoid having accepted job offers overturned later.


Proper integration of a new employee is fundamental to a long-term professional relationship. Throughout the onboarding period we stay in touch with hiring clients and newly hired candidates to make suggestions and help address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Our Promise

You will NEVER see a job candidate from us that does not meet all three of these staffing criteria simultaneously:

Yes, there are lots of headhunters out there. But we can guarantee you won’t find any search or recruiting firm that is harder working, more sincere, or better qualified than we are.

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