About MetalJobs

MetalJobs Network is a niche recruiting firm which specializes in the direct placement of high-impact talent within the metals industry. Our specialty is recruiting the best sales, operations, technical, and managerial professionals to grow your business!

As a division of SANINC, we provide our clients, and the candidates we represent, with the advantage of 25 years of industry experience. Our recruiters are certified, qualified, and specialists within their industry sector.

As a member of the Sanford Rose Network, we are a part of one of the Top 10 recruiting organizations in North America. When you work with MJN, you receive the customer-centric, hands-on benefits of working with a boutique firm, and the robust capability of working with an industry leader.

Why Us…

MetalJobs Network is a team of seasoned recruiters focused exclusively on professional sales positions in the metals industry.  By understanding the industry, asking the right questions, and focusing on the unique needs of both clients and candidates, our team simplifies the process and brings value to all involved.

  • Speed: At any given time, our recruitment team has recently interviewed candidates who are open to discussing career advancements. This, combined with a full-time research team, an established database, and process-driven recruitment, give us an ability to provide rapid results.
  • Specialization: Tour team is deeply knowledgeable in the metals industry because we understand the products, the language, and the industry nuances. Each day we continually evaluate new candidates and new job opportunities.
  • Process: Our process begins with developing a search plan. This includes utilizing a full-time research staff, an established database, the latest recruiting technologies, and most importantly, DEDICATED PHONE TIME. Often, the best candidates may be working for direct competitors  and not even thinking about a career change until our team presents a compelling new opportunity. It is our goal to uncover the best talent and then execute our process to understand everyone’s needs, wants, and desires.
  • Professionalism:  Every day we strive to live our guiding principles and sustaining high ethics within our industry.  As such, we are great brand ambassadors for your company – where we advance and protect your reputation through our professional interaction with all candidates.
  • Quality: We are committed to providing high-impact talent to our clients.  We are equally committed to providing our candidates with a professional job search experience.


“I know (hiring authority) is very satisfied with the candidates and your performance – thank you!”

President over four Service Centers


“Our company has been working with The MetalJobs Network team on recruitment efforts in both sales and metallurgy since 2015. They have been very effective at quickly identifying and presenting the right candidates for the job and has always been an upbeat and enjoyable personality. I highly recommend any other companies in the steel or metals industry to consider working with them on their current or future recruitment needs!” 

HR Manager


“Professionalism at its best, MetalJobs has been the best recruiter agency I have ever worked with, available almost 24/7 they linked me with a great company and their support was crucial for my transition, score 11 out of 10.” 

Process Engineer


"MetalJobs Network did a great job getting me into this next company. They even followed up with me after I was employed with the new company. The conversation we had then was quite interesting as we both shared something mutual about the company I work for."

Process Engineer


"MetalJobs Network team: I just wanted to say thank you for reaching out to me a month ago. You found me a job that I did not know existed and I will be starting there next week. It would not have happened if it was not for you! Thank you SO MUCH!"

Engineering Manager


"MetalJobs Network was the best recruiting firm that I've ever worked with. They were very considerate and attentive to my interests and concerns and focused on opportunities with employers that were a close match. They were understanding if I declined certain opportunities and did everything to help assist in the interviewing process for the position that I was recently offered and accepted. A special thanks to the MetalJobs Network team! I'd highly recommend MetalJobs Network!"

Outside Sales Representative


“MetalJobs Network team, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. You and your team are truly top notch. I have communicated this to our President and also to the VP of HR…so I look forward to working with you again.” 

HR Director


“I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting me on at (company)...the people are great and i'm loving everything so I just wanted to say thanks again. If there's ever anything I can do to help you out, please let me know. Thanks!” 

Account Manager


"My experience has mainly been with the MetalJobs Network team, and their experience and follow-up has been critical for me. With the day-to-day so easily consuming everyone’s time, it’s a great help to have someone who can continue to keep me on track. The MetalJobs Network team has done a wonderful job providing me some great candidates. I’ll continue to keep the MetalJobs Network team in mind on my next search. Thank you for the support, MetalJobs!"

Inside Sales Manager


 "MetalJobs Network was great to work with. They understood my wants and needs as well as the opportunity."

General Manager


"MetalJobs Network were the recruiters that hooked me up with my most recent position. They made some commitments to me about how the process would go up front and they followed through with each and every one of them. They were very professional about the entire process from the beginning of my interview through the end. They followed up with me after every call that I had with each member at my potential future employer. They also followed up with a phone call after a couple months of employment just to see how things were going for me. I was very impressed with the results that I got from MetalJobs Network. I would definitely consider using MetalJobs Network again for my next endeavor. Working with MetalJobs Network has been the best recruiter experience that I've had in 20 years."




"Metal Jobs did an excellent job checking references to ensure they had the right person for the job."

Production Manager


"I had a great experience working with you and your team! During the interviewing process, I felt that you were championing for me and you were knowledgeable about the position I was applying for here at Sapa. I also felt that your diligence really helped the perspective company stay on task and kept me informed."



"I work in Talent Acquisition for a metals distribution company and have worked with Mark and his team for three years. Mark works ethically and professionally with Human Resources Departments, which is so important in properly onboarding new employees and helping us to find the right fit for our company culture. Mark respects our company's recruiting/hiring process and conducts himself with integrity and respect. Mark is exceptional at listening to my needs, and asks great questions with follow-up. As a Human Resources Professional, it can be difficult to work with Executive Search Firms at times, but Mark and his team have worked very hard to solidify the communication. It gives me great pleasure to recommend using Mark and his team of professionals to find your next hire."

Talent Acquisition Manager


"Tyler does a great job servicing our account, he listens to our needs and finds candidates that best fits each available position." 

Sales Director



"When I first spoke with Metal Jobs Network my sights were set to step up to a director or VP position with one tough caveat - not to move from my home. To be honest, I never expected to hear back from MetalJobs Network with all the boxes checked but in a few short months - Tyler called with a potential client. I interviewed, was offered the position, and Tyler worked with the client to close the deal. I couldn't be happier with the effort and professionalism I received from MetalJobs Network."

Reliability Director


"MetalJobs Network was great to work with. The position they found for me is a perfect fit for me." 

Inside Sales Representative


"Our company has been working with the MetalJobs Network team on recruitment efforts in both sales and metallurgy since 2015. They have been very effective at quickly identifying and presenting the right candidates for the job and has always been an upbeat and enjoyable personality. I highly recommend any other companies in the steel or metals industry to consider working with them on their current or future recruitment needs!"

HR Manager 


"Continue the good work and I can't thank  all of you for finding me a great role!"

Operations Manager


“Metal Jobs has been called on numerous times for me personally at (large, national service center). Before they ever attempted to fill a position, the MetalJobs Network team spent significant time understanding the job requirements and the skill sets one needs to have. Once they were confident they understand our needs, they began their search. Prior to setting up meetings with candidates, they were able to advise why this candidate is being presented. When they were unsure the match was perfect, they candidly advised why and left the decision to us as to whether or not to pursue. Most all of the candidates have been good quality individuals. With MetalJobs, I feel my time is never wasted! That is important to me!” 

Sales Director 


"Best one ever dealt with overall. Knowledgeable, professional and responsive. What can I say, got the job done well."

Maintenance Manager


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