Digital transformation has significantly impacted the metals industry, reshaping how metals are produced, processed, and consumed.

By making five commitments, metal company owners can ensure that they have great leaders that will drive their succession plans.

As a seasoned owner or leader in the metal manufacturing industry, you've likely seen many changes and advancements over the years. One issue that you may be currently facing is the retirement of baby boomers from the industry, who make up a significant portion of your experienced workforce.

The metals industry is a vital sector of the economy, with many different types of workers needed to extract raw materials, manufacture finished products, and construct buildings and other structures.

As metals company owners and leaders, we are cautiously optimistic about the state of the industry in 2023.

If you’re not filling positions quickly, it could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars. When we're talking about a manager or salesperson, that number can skyrocket.