Whether an interviewer is asking behavioral or technical questions, keep all your answers relevant to only your professional life. Avoid telling stories about your personal life, e.g. how your divorce has made you a strong woman and you can now take on any challenges that life throws at you.

Whether you are a recent grad planning your career or someone with considerable experience looking to change industries, precious metals has something for everyone.

The market has become extremely competitive. Top companies have reached the point where they are willing to pay engagement fees for preference. The push for priority, especially when compared with contingent clients, is symbolic of the industry’s current state. 

Finding hardworking employees is difficult in and of itself.  Retaining those employees for the long haul is even more difficult.  Members of the millennial and Generation Z age cohorts tend to hop from one job to the next, replicating the disposability of the consumer culture they grew up in.  The question is how, exactly, can metals companies find potential leaders and cultivate their potential?  The answer partially lies in leaning on a recruiter to find employees who are legitimate difference-makers.  Recruiters are particularly talented at analyzing, vetting and pairing prospects to open positions.  Lean on a recruiter to help you find high-quality employees and you’ll dramatically reduce the chances of investing time and resources in employees who are more interested in job-switching than becoming a leader at your organization.

Hiring for the metals industry has never been more competitive.  There is a small labor pool, plenty of open positions, and ever-climbing inflation eating away profit margins.  Instead of trying to do it all on your own, consider the merits of a metals recruiting firm.  Engage a metals recruiting firm to find the top employees on your behalf, and you’ll be able to focus on training and retaining your hardworking employees.

If your metal business’s sales have dipped or stagnated, keep an open mind and consider new ideas.  Some simple sales tips have the potential to catalyze your sales to new heights. Let’s take a look at some of the best simple sales tips for businesses in the metals industry.