While many people can confidently recognize the traits of a bad leader, what about those of a good one? There is a long list of traits that great leaders in the metals industry have, but the following are the most important traits to look for.

The metals industry is becoming increasingly dynamic. Those who pay close attention to metals industry trends are excited about the changes to the industry, although processes may be becoming increasingly complex.

Though most job seekers dread the interview process, the experience becomes easier with practice. Metals Industry questions are specific. Here a few questions to keep in mind.

Pinpointing the perfect candidate is not easy, especially when you are inundated with applications and resumes. You may wonder whether you have selected the right candidate in the metals industry. Here's how to check your choice.

Most people are understandably confused as to what, exactly, constitutes an attractive resume.  Thankfully, you have surfed your way over to the right corner of the web. Here is some advice for Jobseekers in the Metals Industry.

Dressing for a virtual interview in the metals industry requires some planning and preparation.  Here's a quick look at how to dress.