Our Process

Specialization, Speed and Process are the foundation of MetalJobs Network.  For nearly two and a half decades, we have been refining our recruitment and placement processes to improve efficiency and ensure success. While we utilize the latest technologies for recruiting, it is the old fashion one-on-one phone conversations that are the heartbeat of our business.
    Requirements & Needs Analysis
    To help achieve your strategic objectives in the shortest possible time, we will need more than just a job description. We want to identify those things about your company, its culture, and your opportunity that will excite candidates about using their skills, experience, and personality to make a positive difference in your company. It is often the details about the challenges, responsibilities, and growth opportunities that will attract the best talent.
    Research & Planning
    Each new search begins with developing a plan designed to leave no stone unturned in identifying ideal candidates and referral sources. Our research team generates a call list using our extensive in-house database, as well as, candidates and referral sources from direct and indirect competitors. We also add to the list from social networks and other public and private databases. As we recruit, it is never our intention to “break up a happy home”, however, we do intend to uncover every qualified candidate and present them with your opportunity.
    Screening & Qualifying
    Using the researched candidate list, our recruiting teams use a multi-step call and discussion process to qualify individuals who fit the search profile and are open to new career opportunities. We then schedule an internal interview to assess skill levels, product and territory exposures, accomplishments and career goals. After completing the initial screening, a short list of candidates is then interviewed by a Team Leader to determine who best fits the client’s ideal profile. Confidential searches can remain such until you choose to engage a candidate.
    Interview Process
    The mutual goals of clients and candidates become much more realistic by keeping the lines of communications open and current. In the placement business, the wise old adage of “too much time kills deals” is a stark reality. Time is valuable. Throughout the interview process, we work closely with all involved in scheduling, questioning, listening, informing, and expediting to assure everyone is on the same page. Our process facilitates the timely and smooth movement forward towards the offer stage or a graceful withdrawal.
    Offer & Acceptance
    Our offer to acceptance ratio is extremely high because we stay engaged throughout the process. The needs, desires, and goals of both clients and candidates are critical when formulating an acceptable offer package. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the final salary that most often makes or breaks an employment offer. Acceptance rates go up when all parties know the expectations and limitations before an official offer is extended.
    Resignation Preparation
    The retiring baby boom generation is creating a notable talent shortage. As a result, more candidates are juggling multiple offers, and more employers are making counter offers to resigning employees. This means current employer “buybacks” are on the rise. We help candidates avoid these situations by assisting them with the proper resignation process, and we coach clients about how to avoid having accepted offers turn into “I’ve changed my mind” scenarios.
    Transitioning & Onboarding
    Proper onboarding is a critical foundation block for building a long-term employee relationship. Throughout the transition period we stay in touch with clients and candidates to make suggestions and help address any concerns or issues. Often it is the small things during the transition and on-boarding period that pay long-term dividends.

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