Job Candidates: 8-Step Recruiting Process

Step 1:

Our recruiters invest time getting to know our job candidates.  We want to determine your skill level, employment-related accomplishments, career goals, and product and territory exposures in the industry.  We also seek to know why you are looking for a new placement and what sort of job opportunities would interest you.

Step 2:

Our recruiters use the information from the evaluation to create an employee profile of you, which we categorize within our job candidate database so that we can reach out to you about the job opportunities that best match what you are looking for.

Step 3:

When our recruiters learn about a new job opportunity, we scan through our existing job candidate database to determine what job candidates are specific fits for that particular job.

Step 4:

As recruiters who work with both the job candidates and the hiring company, we possess inside information about the culture of the hiring company, the personality of the interviewer, and the specific skill set the hiring company desires for that particular position. We utilize this unique staffing knowledge to prepare job candidates for the job interview with the hiring company.

Step 5:

After each job interview, our recruiters invest time with both the job candidate and the hiring manager to determine each party’s level of interest and to anticipate any potential issues that might arise. The intention is to make sure that everyone involved is investing time in interviews that make sense for everyone.

Step 6:

Our offer-to-acceptance ratio is extremely high because our recruiters stay engaged throughout the hiring process. The needs, desires, and goals of both hiring clients and job candidates are critical when formulating an acceptable offer package. Our recruiters prove indispensable at this delicate stage, establishing realistic expectations for both parties. The intermediary role of our recruiters is key to making an offer that everyone can be excited about.

Step 7:

Often, resigning is a job candidate’s least favorite part of changing jobs. Our recruiters will give you some simple do’s and don’ts of resigning to minimize your discomfort.

Step 8:

Our recruiter’s job doesn’t stop when you step into your new placement. We maintain our established relationships with the hiring manager, Human Resources, and other department heads of the hiring company; and we check in with our job candidates several times over their first couple months of employment just to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Yes, there are lots of headhunters out there. But we can guarantee you won’t find any search or recruiting firm that is harder working, more sincere, or better qualified than we are.

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