Candidate ID#113928


  • MBA, High–Level Global Sourcing Executive in Northeast
  • Responsible for over $1B spent as well as large cross-functional teams
  • Excellent facilitator with well-established domestic and Global relationships
  • Direct impact on bottom-line savings and contributions that have saved hundreds of millions of dollars, having a direct impact on long-term financial growth and stability
  • Well-established relationships with a high-level understanding of OEMs, Service centers, and steel mill manufacturing

General Exposures:
METAL: Carbon Steel, High-temp Alloys, Aluminum, Specialty Grades, Red Metals, Stainless
SHAPE: Extruded Shapes (Expertise), Tube/Pipe (Expertise), Structural (Expertise), Bar/Rod (Expertise), Flat Rolled/Coils (Expertise), Plate (Expertise)
PROCESS: Roll-forming (Expertise), Coated/Painted (Expertise), Cut-to-length (Expertise), Slitting (Expertise), Blanking (Expertise)
Previous Experience:
Titles: Senior Global Purchasing and Operations Executive, Senior Sourcing Manager, Director of Sourcing
Companies: Manufacturer
Management Experience
Team Details: 51+ people
Interested in
Title: VP (Executive VP), President/CEO, Executive level opportunities that might include ownership potential
Other Key Information
Tenure: 10-20 years
Territories: Mexico, US-Midwest, US-West, US-Northeast, US-Southeast, US-Southwest, Canada
Residence: Southwest
Relocation: Yes
Non-Compete: $250,000
Min Comp Needs: No

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