Candidate ID#207257


  • Led a cross-departmental team to reduce cost of poor quality investigation on a systemic quality issue, achieving a 5 to 10% cost reduction within 12 months.
  • Demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills utilizing the 8-D problem-solving technique for root cause analysis, ensuring timely and effective resolution of product quality issues.
  • Leveraged warranty data and reliability analysis to drive continuous product improvement and achieve substantial cost reductions.
  • Provided expert hydromechanical hydraulics product and applications engineering support to both internal teams (systems and applications engineers, sales development managers, and account managers)


General Exposures:
METAL: High-temp Alloys, Aluminum (Expertise), Powder Metal
SHAPE: Plate, Structural, Extruded Shapes, Bar/Rod (Expertise)
PROCESS:  Forging, Casting, Coated/Painted, Fabrication, Cut-to-length, Welding

Previous Experience:
Titles: Engineer, Mechanical, Quality Manager, Systems & Application Engineer, Product Engineer, Staff Researcher
Companies: Manufacturer
Management Experience
Team Details: 3-5 people
Interested in
Titles: Quality Manager, Sr. Quality Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Strategic Leader
Other Key Information
Tenure: 10-20 years
Degrees/Certifications: PhD in Agriclultural Eng’g
MS in Agricultural Engineering
BS in Mechanical Engineering
Certified Fluid Power Hydraulics Specialist
Residence: US – NorthEast
Relocation: Yes
Non-Compete: No
Min Comp Needs: $100,000

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