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PlasticsJobs Network (PJN) is a full-cycle, niche recruiting firm. We work exclusively in the plastics industry specializing in recruiting for Polymer and Resin suppliers. This includes polymer producers, custom compounders, resin distributors, color concentrate and additive masterbatch companies. We have a proven record of recruiting top professionals and executives in technical sales, business development, engineering, and manufacturing positions across North America. We conduct contingent and retained searches for leading companies in the plastics industry. Our focus is to uncover dedicated employees who may not otherwise be on the job market. We offer candidates an opportunity to advance their careers and quality of life by working with some of the best companies in the industry.

As a division of SANINC (Search Associates Network), we offer our plastics industry hiring managers and job seekers the advantage of thirty years recruiting experience around the globe. Our recruiting specialists are not just headhunters but seasoned authorities on the global plastics industry who understand local employment markets.
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As a member of the Sanford Rose Network, we are a part of one of the top 10 recruiting organizations in North America. When you work with PlasticsJobs Network, you receive not only the customer-centric, hands-on benefits of working with a boutique recruiting firm but also the robust capability of a recruiting industry leader.


Our Plastics Recruiting and Business Development Professionals ask the right questions to uncover the real needs of job seekers AND hiring managers.

As Plastics Recruiters we employ the personal touch to recruit the right individual for every position. Before matching a potential employee to a job opening, we invest the necessary time to fully understand each job seeker’s personal goals and aspirations. We get to know the candidates—their personalities, their work ethic, their short and long-term employment objectives—to determine for which positions and companies in the plastics industry they would be best suited. From there, we do a thorough professional assessment of the candidate’s expert skill sets, career interests, and experience in specific plastic industry segments.

As Business Development Specialists, we invest time building enduring professional relationships with our client partners. First, we ask focused questions to understand the company’s history, ethos, and work environment. Then we assess the company’s hiring needs and value proposition so that we can recruit the highest caliber talent best suited for any open plastics jobs. By investing the appropriate time on the front end of a placement search, we are able to recruit on-target job candidates quickly.

Hiring Managers and Job Seekers choose us time and time again because they have learned to expect high performance recruiting, dedicated placement searches, and outstanding hiring results.

Let the incomparable recruiting strategies of PlasticsJobs Network be the missing link to your employment needs, whether you are a candidate looking for the perfect job or a company looking for the perfect candidate.

Our Clients

We are plastics recruiting experts who work exclusively in the plastics industry. Our nuanced understanding allows us to ask focused questions to acquire in-depth hiring information that is sensitive to the priorities of your plastics business. We offer personal solutions to your personnel needs by partnering with you throughout the process of hiring the quality talent you expect.

Our Candidates

Our job candidates enjoy working with PlasticsJobs Network because we understand the plastics industry, and we try our best to understand you. Our goal is to see beyond the resume to the individual. We will guide you through each step of the hiring process, all the way to the first day of your new career in the plastics industry. We promise to treat you with respect and honesty so that you can obtain the life you deserve.

Our Recruiters

 No one works harder or cares more to connect the right employees to the right employers than our recruiters at PlasticsJobs Network. Our recruiting team has the dedication and commitment to get the job done right the first time, or we fix it.

Our recruiting consultants are professionally trained and dedicated to matching high impact talent with top-tier employers. They have industry knowledge, are highly skilled in their field, and are committed to ethical business practices. For every job we recruit, each member of our team is focused on achieving the goals and objectives of our clients and candidates.

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