Why CapEx Spending Has Increased in the Plastics Industry

Capital expenditure has increased in the plastics industry in recent years because businesses have realized the benefits of using it over operational expenditures. U.S. businesses in plastics spent $4.1 billion on CapEx in 2015 and $7.4 billion on CapEx in 2019….

Metals Industry Reacts Positively to New Infrastructure Plan

At the start of the month, President Biden announced a $2T economic plan called the American Jobs Plan, including investments into infrastructure and manufacturing. In general, leaders in the metals industry have reacted favorably to the announcement because the plan could create millions of new jobs over the next two years, including new jobs within […]

How to Entice Mid-Level Management

In metals, attracting talent to mid-level management positions can be even more challenging than recruiting executive-level positions. At the same time, middle management plays a crucial role in client satisfaction, company growth, overall employee retention, and maintaining a positive workplace environment. These tips will help you entice top talent to mid-level management.  Develop On-the-Job Learning and Upskilling […]

How to Entice Mid-Level Management

In plastics, attracting talent to mid-level management positions can be even more challenging than recruiting executive-level positions. At the same time, middle management plays a crucial role in client satisfaction, company growth, overall employee retention, and maintaining a positive workplace environment. These tips will help you entice top talent to mid-level management.  Develop On-the-Job Learning and […]

Strategies for Managing Your Remote Sales Team

Because of the ongoing pandemic, sales teams within the metals industry have adapted to a remote work environment. Leaders in the industry have had to rethink how they manage their teams, as many are leading remote units for the first time. Here are some of the best strategies for driving your remote sales team. Establish Consistent […]

How Natural Disasters Have Impacted the Plastics Industry

There has been an increase in natural disasters in recent years, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and snowstorms. These natural disasters have greatly affected the plastics industry. While the plastics industry plays an integral role in disaster preparedness, cleanup, and recovery, natural disasters can also impact production, supply chains, and prices. Here are some of the ways […]

How to Shine in a Lean Labor Market

As the price of metals continues to increase, organizations have had to rethink how much capital they spend. Consequently, many organizations have put a pause on hiring. Some companies, however, are using this period as an opportunity to secure the best talent in the industry. These tips will help job seekers land a position in the […]

Ways to Support Your Hybrid Team

As hybrid workplaces continue to trend in 2021, some managers in the plastics industry are finding it challenging to keep remote employees in sync with those returning to the office. If you don’t support your hybrid team in the right ways, then it could lead to a toxic “us versus them” work environment. Let’s review […]

How to Do Performance Reviews Remotely

Performance reviews are crucial for any job, including those in the metals industry. Reviews help your employees learn what they need to improve, and they help motivate employees for work done well. Traditionally, companies conduct performance reviews in person, but this is not always possible. Learn how to do performance reviews remotely. Use Video Calls in […]

3 Ways to Tell if You Need a Change

According to many plastics recruiters, staying with a company too long without growth can actually hurt your professional reputation because it suggests that you have a less diverse and evolved skill set than other candidates. At the same time, you don’t want to become known as a job hopper that quits multiple positions too often, […]

Constructing Stronger Teams Virtually

Businesses in the metals industry are still trying to find the best ways to build and retain high-performing teams in the era of remote working environments. Some aspects that were once taken for granted, like informal conversations with colleagues in the hallway and breakroom celebrations, have been replaced with people working alone in their homes. […]

More Women Are Launching Construction Careers

A recent study suggests that more women are moving into construction careers traditionally held by males. As the construction industry continues to shed the image of being a dirty job, a growing number of women are entering the field to become laborers, painters, and construction managers. Here are some reasons why women are launching construction careers. Stories […]

How Saying No Can Increase Your Productivity

As plastics recruiters, we like to share hacks to increase your workplace output on a regular basis. From working in short bursts and taking regular breaks to setting self-imposed deadlines, everybody is under pressure to find ways to get more done in less time. But, if you’re still struggling to achieve your goals, then you’re probably […]

Soft Skills Every Maintenance Manager Needs to be Successful

If you want to be a successful maintenance manager, then you need to focus on developing some specific soft skills. Hard skills are still important to succeed in the metals industry, but your people skills are more important now than ever because they help you to coexist in the workplace and be an effective leader. In case […]

Leaders Across Industries Share Remote Work Advice

From workers spending less time and money on commuting to employers being able to access a wider pool of applicants for outside sales positions, remote work can provide some significant advantages for both employees and businesses. However, leaders across industries are also aware of a variety of concerns that come with working from home. More […]

Internal Mobility is on the Rise

Encouraging internal mobility can be crucial for an organization’s success, and it’s pivotal to turn talent into well-rounded and multi-skilled professionals. With the expanded skills of your team, an organization can reach new heights of success.

4 Signs You Need to Implement a Better Employee Incentive Program

Employees who meet and exceed team goals should be rewarded with incentives such as cash bonuses, additional paid time off, and profit sharing. An effective incentive program motivates employees and promotes teamwork. But there are a variety of reasons why organizations experience low morale and high turnover. It is important for business leaders to recognize the […]

3 Ways Remote Work is Increasing Diversity and Inclusion

One of the many things that 2020 has shown us is the importance of remote work for the safety of employees and for the continued success of organizations. Working from home has become more commonplace and has created more opportunities for organizations to expand. It has also had a significant impact on diversity and inclusivity within […]

Essential Sales Leadership Skills for Success

If you have been in sales for any length of time, you know how rewarding it can be. It can also be difficult and stressful at times. The pressure is amplified when you are in a leadership position where you must keep the numbers up and your sales roles filled. It can feel like you have […]

How to Make Your Team Feel Valued

Company culture is about feeling

Good leadership not only improves employee retention but also increases morale. In turn, these improvements make for a better company culture and brand, as well as increased productivity for the company. Taking the necessary steps to make your team feel valued can be simple. Below are some tips for implementing best practices. Do Small Things to […]

3 Tips to Improve Your Sales Skills

Zig Ziglar wrote the playbook on sales when he released Selling 101: What Every Sales Professional Needs to Know. In addition to being considered one of the world’s most influential salespeople, he strove to help others succeed in life through motivational speaking and sales training. Some takeaways from his philosophy are that you need to be […]

Develop a Company Culture That Attracts Great Talent

It takes more than paying a competitive salary to attract great talent today. Even though professionals in the metals industry still want to earn a good living, they also look for opportunities within organizations that are known for having a winning culture. Let’s look at what separates companies with attractive cultures from those that are less […]

How to Improve Performance on Your Team

Determining when and where employees are most productive is essential if you want to get the most from your team. For instance, recent surveys indicate that employees are most productive in the early morning hours at the beginning of the week. While older employees prefer traditional office settings, younger workers favor working remotely. It’s important to […]

How to Keep Employee Engagement High on Your Team

Higher productivity and lower employee turnover are two of the competitive advantages that stem from employee engagement. Experts even suggest that a company’s overall health is dependent upon customer satisfaction, free cash flow, and above all else, employee engagement. It can be challenging to keep employees committed and engaged for the long term. Here are some […]

Improve Productivity and Focus While Working Remotely

During the pandemic, working remotely has emerged as a necessary alternative to traditional office settings. But like many other things in life, sometimes fixing one problem can lead to another. Even though there are many advantages to remote work, there are also unique challenges ranging from lack of employee engagement to burnout. Fortunately, there are some […]

How to Maximize Your Job Search This Winter

The good news is that many metal producers are still hiring despite the pandemic. However, the interview process has changed to accommodate social distancing measures and even lockdowns across some states; so candidates will have to be more flexible, creative, and patient during the hiring process. January and February are considered the best months to look […]

Onboarding: Tips for New Hire Success

It’s challenging to have long-term employee retention without effective onboarding. Even though a majority of the candidates you hire will be excited to start their new job, the honeymoon period only lasts around six months; and many employers find it challenging to keep employees focused and content after that. It all comes back to developing a […]

How to Ace Your Phone Interview and Increase Your Chance Landing the Job

Hiring managers use a variety of different tools and techniques to screen candidates for jobs in the metals industry. If you want to improve your chances of a job offer, then you really have to focus on making a positive impression during the phone interview. Some candidates struggle trying to sell their skills to employers over […]

Attract Great Talent in a Competitive Market

You need a rigorous recruiting process to attract and keep great talent in a competitive market. Although you might receive a hoard of applications for plastic producing jobs, it can be difficult for hiring managers to narrow down the list of potential candidates when they all have similar qualifications. When the job market is competitive, it’s […]

4 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition requires a very dedicated approach to be successful. It’s challenging because a majority of the global workforce is made up of passive talent, or candidates who are not actively searching for new opportunities. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to become a talent-first company. Here are four more things that you can […]