The good news is that many metal producers are still hiring despite the pandemic. However, the interview process has changed to accommodate social distancing measures and even lockdowns across some states; so candidates will have to be more flexible, creative, and patient during the hiring process. January and February are considered the best months to look for new career opportunities because companies have fresh hiring budgets for the new year. Remember these do’s and don’ts for a successful job search this winter.

Do: Always Follow Up

Although remote interviews might lack many of the formalities of in-person meetings with hiring managers, it’s still important to show enthusiasm and respect during the interview process. Always follow up after an interview with a thank-you message that highlights your qualifications along with anything else you forgot to mention. If you don’t know what to include, then search for example follow-up letters that are published online to help you get started.

Don’t: Stop Networking

Don’t stop building professional relationships and sharing your ideas around the industry. We have all had to adapt the way that we network; but there are still convenient ways to make new connections while maintaining your current ones through virtual conferences and joining professional groups on LinkedIn, industry meetups, etc.

Do: Improve Your Virtual Presence

From social media profiles to digital portfolios, creating a strong online presence can make or break your job search. A growing number of hiring managers are using them as screening tools to view your recent accomplishments and gain a deeper understanding of who you really are. After updating your social media accounts, take some time to practice for video interviews. Dress professionally and confirm that all of your technology works well.

Don’t: Let Applicant Tracking Systems Stop You

More companies are using applicant tracking systems than ever before to filter resumes, and ATS-friendly resumes are often the only ones making it through to hiring managers. One way to avoid this issue is to work with a metals recruiter who can present you with opportunities you can’t find elsewhere. If you do search for jobs on your own, only apply to positions that you have the core skills to do. Don’t blast your resume out or apply to every opening that companies have listed. Remember, ATS is programmed to scan for specific keywords, usually hard skills or certifications, that appear somewhere in the job description. Make sure to arrange your resume in chronological order. Fancy formatting including tables or images is tempting to make your resume stand out, but it’s usually lost when ATS converts it to a text-only file.

Stay motivated and positive because the hiring process could take longer than usual due to current safety guidelines. You may also consider a contract position in the meantime to get your foot in the door.


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