Talent acquisition requires a very dedicated approach to be successful. It’s challenging because a majority of the global workforce is made up of passive talent, or candidates who are not actively searching for new opportunities. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to become a talent-first company. Here are four more things that you can do to improve talent acquisition.

1. Offer Generous Pay and Benefits

Most job postings advertise competitive pay and benefits that often translate to just industry-average pay and benefits. This might work if you only want to attract ordinary talent, but you can land the best candidates by dialing into the market value and exceeding the industry standard for similar metal producing jobs in your region. Providing generous employee benefits will make you stand out from the competition. Some examples include tuition reimbursement, profit sharing, additional paid time off, flexible spending accounts, and health insurance.

2. Cultivate Inclusivity and Diversity

It’s been shown that offering training, career development, and designing flexible work environments are all essential to recruiting and retaining more women in this industry. Organizations can also improve overall diversity by expanding the networks that are being used to find new talent. Building an inclusive workplace starts with training executives and managers to model that type of behavior and building a culture around diversity and inclusivity. Be known as an employer that values individual differences by sharing positive, inclusive messages on social media and in marketing materials. In addition, working with a recruiter prioritizes building relationships with a diverse range of talent. For instance, if you find a candidate who might not be the right fit for a current role but you know deep down they would be a great fit for your company, it’s important to have a system in place that enables you to access them for future positions.

3. Develop a Positive Work Culture

Culture isn’t something that you should only think about from time to time, or just during the hiring stages. If you’re not being proactive about developing culture, it can quickly become toxic and ruin your employer brand. Here are some ways to keep it fresh and positive:

4. Establish an Ongoing Learning Plan

Leading employer brands offer ongoing support and education. Companies that pay for continuing education and skills advancement will attract and cultivate better talent in the long run. Giving employees the chance to advance their careers gives you an edge to retain talent by advancing from within and creating a culture that values their contributions.

From location and demand to experience and education, there are a variety of factors that affect the starting salaries for talent in the metal industry. It’s important to have a deep understanding of the market value of prospective talent, or work with a recruiter who is well-versed in this industry. Cultivating diversity and inclusion are also critical to attracting great talent. Finally, focus on developing a positive work culture and develop ongoing learning plans so employees have the chance to advance in their careers.


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