Attracting, landing, and retaining talent are critical aspects of running a successful business. Yet for some organizations, retention is the key that is often overlooked. One way to keep talent engaged and productive over time is to offer internal mobility. By offering room to grow within the company you are giving them exciting new challenges and you both reap the benefits. Here are some of the reasons internal mobility is on the rise.

Mobility Doesn’t Have to Be a Ladder

In 2020 internal mobility was already becoming an essential focus in HR and recruiting. 82% of talent professionals highlighted internal mobility as a critical and necessary factor in candidates accepting positions. Amy Schultz, global head of talent acquisition at Canva, sums up this new dynamic nicely, “I wonder whether, over time, we’re going to be less focused on job titles and moves-up and more focused on simply moving. Work is going to be more like a rock-climbing wall than a ladder.”

Building Resilience and Lowering Costs

There are many benefits to making internal mobility accessible to employees. It creates longevity for talent within the company and fosters a work environment that includes a wide range of skills. It also builds company loyalty within all levels of talent in an organization. This can help lower the costs of hiring and training new employees over time.

Meet Shifting Goals

One of the other positive benefits of offering team members the ability to move is that you give them the ability to learn new skills in their chosen field. In turn they master adaptability and new skills, making them an even more valuable team member. Employees familiar with moving roles within the company will be able to change and meet shifting goals with little to no issue.

Mobility is the Future

Encouraging internal mobility can be crucial for an organization’s success, and it’s pivotal to turn talent into well-rounded and multi-skilled professionals. With the expanded skills of your team, an organization can reach new heights of success. Instead of having to look outside the company for skills, you can build resilience so that no matter what challenge you face, the company can leverage their employees and transform their skills.

Rajesh Ahuja, the global head of talent acquisition for Infosys, sums it up with, “The future of talent acquisition lies in reskilling, rather than finding someone better in the market. If you need to hire today, you needed to reskill yesterday.”


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