In plastics, attracting talent to mid-level management positions can be even more challenging than recruiting executive-level positions. At the same time, middle management plays a crucial role in client satisfaction, company growth, overall employee retention, and maintaining a positive workplace environment. These tips will help you entice top talent to mid-level management. 

Develop On-the-Job Learning and Upskilling Opportunities

One of the best ways to entice talent to mid-level management positions is to advertise on-the-job career development opportunities. Before accepting a job offer, high-quality employees want to know that there will be opportunities for them to expand their knowledge base and learn new skills to help them in their career down the line. During the recruitment process, there are two things you want to communicate to the prospective talent: you take the time to learn about your employee’s interests and career goals, and you actively work to create an environment that challenges employees and gives them the chance to participate in a wide variety of learning experiences.

Shape your Reputation as an Employer

Professionals looking for middle management positions pay close attention to companies’ reputations during their job search. As they work towards the executive level, these professionals want positive examples of leadership. For this reason, you want to shape your reputation as an employer proactively. If you have a reputation for demonstrating empathy, treating employees with dignity, and valuing kindness, talented candidates will want to work for you.

Adopt a Mentor-First Attitude 

One of the fears a lot of professionals in management have is that they will stagnate. The last thing they want is to become stuck in a rut. Employers can attract and retain middle management talent by adopting a mentor-first attitude. Talented professionals look for companies that value mentorship and constructive feedback because it suggests to them that the company invests in their employees and wants them to hone their leadership abilities. Top talent in middle management wish to work for a company that values growth, not conformity.

Recruiting at the executive level may be challenging, but it can be even harder to recruit mid-level managers in the plastics industry. Professionals within middle management are often incredibly selective because they aren’t just looking for jobs; they’re looking for opportunities to learn new skills, challenge themselves, and evolve their leadership strategies. Employers can entice mid-level managers to their company by developing lots of on-the-job learning experiences, building a reputation for kindness and empathy, and adopting a mentor-first attitude.

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