How to Ace Your Phone Interview and Increase Your Chance Landing the Job

Hiring managers use a variety of different tools and techniques to screen candidates for jobs in the metals industry. If you want to improve your chances of a job offer, then you really have to focus on making a positive impression during the phone interview. Some candidates struggle trying to sell their skills to employers over the phone. You can ace your next phone interview by taking these steps before, during, and afterward.

  • Don’t overlook the details.
    From updating your voicemail to ensure that it has a professional message to adjusting for different time zones, don’t let the simple details get in the way of your dream job. A growing number of hiring managers are using social media to screen candidates as well. Any time that you’re on the job market, you should maintain a professional online image by deleting inappropriate posts, or even making your accounts private.
  • Research the company’s history, products, services, etc.
    Take some time to learn about the leadership, clients, and their financial standing in the industry. Visit the company’s website, social media accounts, and press releases to gain more insight.
  • Create a list of questions.
    In addition to preparing a list of accomplishments and some answers to the most common interview questions, you can also show your enthusiasm for the company by asking them some meaningful questions. Don’t hesitate to ask what a typical day in the office is like, where the interviewer thinks the company will be in the next five years, and what the work environment is like.
  • Use the right equipment and best location; then gather supplies.
    Telling candidates to use a landline might be considered outdated advice; but if you must use a cell phone, then make sure that it is fully charged and that you have a strong signal during the interview. Have a room in your home on standby that is free from distractions. Planners, pens, paper, and bottled water can also be useful during a phone interview.
  • Formulate your responses.
    You’re not going to impress anybody with simple yes or no answers. Collect your thoughts and give meaningful answers to effectively sell yourself.
  • Be a great listener.
    Don’t dominate the conversation. It should be a balanced discussion that is led by the interviewer, so let them do most of the talking.
  • Determine if the position is a good match.
    Use what you learned during the phone interview to decide if you want to move on in the hiring process. Let your recruiter know whether you plan to pursue other metal careers.

Although it’s advisable to have a few bullet points written down to highlight your significant accomplishments, you want to avoid scripting all of your answers too. The best way to ace your next phone interview is to have a thoughtful, authentic conversation.


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