As the price of metals continues to increase, organizations have had to rethink how much capital they spend. Consequently, many organizations have put a pause on hiring. Some companies, however, are using this period as an opportunity to secure the best talent in the industry. These tips will help job seekers land a position in the metals industry despite how lean the labor market is right now.


Know What You Want


Often, job hunters apply for every position that is remotely relevant to their interests. This approach rarely works because you end up wasting so much time applying for and interviewing for jobs that aren’t a good match for you. Instead, narrow in on what kind of position you want. Identify what job skills you have, what size company you want to work for, what job tasks you find engaging, and what kind of work culture you enjoy. Once you know what criteria you want your job to meet, you can focus all your energy on landing the job that is right for you.


Develop Your Story


Hiring managers read many resumes during the hiring process. When the job market is tight, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. One way to make your resume more compelling is to use the resume as a medium for telling your growth narrative. Instead of just listing out your employment history chronologically, craft a picture of how each of your past roles contributed to your overall career development. What lessons did you learn from your past employers? What new skills did you develop? Think about significant milestones you met or accomplishments that you are proud of. Ultimately, you want to tie it all together in a way that shows you have the experience needed to excel in the role you want.


Review your Resume and Cover Letter


If you have sent your resume to dozens of employers and haven’t heard back from any of them, there is a good chance that the problem is your resume or cover letter. If your resume has a typo, a prospective employer may pass on you without even reading your application’s content. Similarly, if your resume doesn’t have the right keywords, your resume may get passed over by the applicant tracking system employers use. Read through your application materials to ensure they are free of any spelling and grammatical errors and to make sure it flows well. It must be easy for the employer to skim. By reading over the job description and the company website, you will also figure out what keywords are likely important to the employer.


The metals industry’s labor market is tight right now, but that doesn’t have to stop you from finding a great job. You can increase your odds of landing a career in the field by identifying a clear sense of what you want, showcasing your growth narrative during the application process, and reviewing your resume material.

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