You need a rigorous recruiting process to attract and keep great talent in a competitive market. Although you might receive a hoard of applications for plastic producing jobs, it can be difficult for hiring managers to narrow down the list of potential candidates when they all have similar qualifications. When the job market is competitive, it’s important to focus on differentiating yourself from other companies, selling company culture, and remaining selective. Here are some strategies to help you attract great talent in a competitive market.

Create a Referral Program

A growing number of organizations are encouraging and even rewarding current employees to recruit for them. Employees have a network of friends, family, colleagues, etc. that they can refer to internal job openings. It’s an effective strategy because employees will typically only vouch for like-minded candidates who they know are already qualified, or it will reflect negatively on them. It also saves time that would otherwise be spent reviewing piles of applications.

Do Some Selling

Know the selling points of your company and your opportunities. Empower your employees to tell the company’s story and tout the reasons why your company is a great place to work. Build your brand position; and always be telling your company’s story through your website, social media, and print media. Post a video from your last community project on social media and share stories from within your company on LinkedIn. You can access the passive talent that is out there by differentiating yourself and offering some unique benefits.

Go the Distance

During the hiring process, keep the candidate experience top of mind. Giving potential candidates a pleasant experience goes a long way toward wooing the talent you need to succeed. Candidates want to know that you value your employees, so creating a positive first impression is essential. Be on time when an interview is scheduled and stick to it. Do what you say you’re going to do in order to build trust from day one. If you say that you can pay a competitive salary or offer them a better work-life balance, stand by it. Provide candidates with access to your talent acquisition team to improve communication and keep candidates excited about new opportunities. Follow up with potential candidates right away and let them know what to expect next. Find ways to keep candidates engaged during the hiring process.

To help you attract great talent in a competitive market, start by tapping into the network of your current employees with a referral program. Then, promote a workplace that attracts the people you want to hire; sell your brand; and focus on creating a great candidate experience.


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