Employees who meet and exceed team goals should be rewarded with incentives such as cash bonuses, additional paid time off, and profit sharing. An effective incentive program motivates employees and promotes teamwork. But there are a variety of reasons why organizations experience low morale and high turnover. It is important for business leaders to recognize the warning signs so that it doesn’t become a persistent problem and lead to a toxic work environment. Below are four signs you need to implement a better employee incentive program.

Losing Talented Employees

Some employee turnover is normal and actually considered healthy in certain instances. It’s simply not realistic to assume that every candidate that you hire is going to have a successful career and retire from your organization. High-performing professionals are more likely to leave an organization due to inadequate compensation or incompetent leadership. Some of the most effective incentives for keeping talented team members on the payroll include bonuses for top performers, career development opportunities, and consistent, honest feedback.

Customer Complaints

Corporate reputation can be a key driver of attracting and retaining top talent. People prefer working for organizations that have strong reputations because it renders personal and professional satisfaction. As metals recruiters we understand the importance of hiring employees based on a solid match between individual and organizational values. Then you can focus on specific incentives, like rewarding team members who keep your customers happy, because those customers will help promote your brand and strengthen your reputation via online reviews and referrals.

Lower Productivity

Lack of recognition, poor communication and stress can all result in diminished productivity. You can solve many of these issues with the right incentives. For example, it’s easy to recognize employees for exceeding goals by featuring them in corporate newsletters, employee of the month programs and so on. Focus more on counteracting workplace stress by offering perks like gym memberships and paid mental-health days.

Poor Morale

Staff conflicts, jealousy, lack of enthusiasm, and opposition to authority are all warning signs of low morale. Team-based incentive plans are great for promoting collaboration and reducing workplace friction.

You can improve staff morale before it spirals out of control by offering better incentives. If you don’t know what your employees value, then try creating a survey and asking them to share the specific benefits they would like to have.



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