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  • Reduced Customer Service Issues by 40% over a two-year period, increased delivery performance by 12%, and reduced lead-time to ship orders by 5%.
  • Implemented real-time OEE system and achieved 13% improvement in casting productivity.
  • Achieved a 40% increase in capacity at a new Mini-Mill plant over a 3-month period while increasing the number of SKUs from 16 to over 160.
  • Implemented real-time OEE systems, leader standard work, visual factory systems, and daily management system resulting in a 25% increase in equipment uptime and 15% improvement in pipe per hour production rate.
  • Led the team that designed and implemented a computer shop floor system that was recognized as the lean manufacturing system benchmark within domestic ALCOA facilities. The system included a scheduling system for tapping smelting cells that optimized metal purity and maximized high premium aluminum production and capture.

General Exposures:
METAL: Carbon Steel, Specialty Grades, Aluminum, Aluminum smelting, Aluminum Sheet Ingot Casting, Aluminum Dross Processing, Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron Sand Casting
SHAPE: Ductile Iron Pipe Centrifugal Casting and Annealing, Cast Iron Sand Casting, Open Mold Aluminum casting, Cupola Melting
PROCESS: Casting, Smelting, Coated/Painted

Previous Experience:
Titles: VP/Director of Operations, President/CEO, Operations Manager, Metallurgist, General Manager, Area Manager, Power and Mines Manager, Director of OPEX
Companies: Manufacturer, Mill, Mini-Mill

Management Experience
Team Details: 51+ people

Interested in
Titles: VP (Executive VP), VP/Director of Operations, Director of Continuous Improvement, Director of OPEX
Other Key Information
Tenure: 20+ years
Degrees/Certifications: BS Metallurgical Engineering, MA Applied Behavioral Science (Leadership and Org Development Focus)
Relocation: Yes
Non-Compete: No
Min Comp Needs: $200,000

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