Onboarding is Critical – Are You Doing Enough?


Onboarding is critical. Are you doing enough to support your new hires? An effective onboarding program is essential because it ensures new employees have the resources they need to succeed and helps them integrate into the team. Both of these can affect retention. Here are some tips to improve onboarding for employees in the metals industry.

Make the First Day Count

 The first day can make or break onboarding. Day one is all about introducing the new hire to the company and establishing expectations. It would be best to communicate clearly what the hire should expect regarding their job duties and overall responsibilities. If the reality of the job doesn’t match their expectations, they won’t last long. During the first day, you also want to introduce the new hire to their team members and give them background about the company and its objectives. Keep in mind that first impressions can have long-lasting effects on how your new employee views the company. You want to make sure you are adequately prepared to have them start by setting up technology for them in advance. Also, encourage your team to be friendly towards them so they feel welcomed.

Have Regular Check-ins

After the first day, you need to continue the onboarding process. Part of this means having regular check-ins with your new hire. Throughout the first few months, regularly sit down with your employee and provide them with meaningful feedback about their performance so they know what they’re doing well and how they can do better. Give them ample opportunity to ask questions and set goals. Finally, encourage them to communicate what you can do to support their success.

 Help Them Assimilate into the Company Culture

 A primary goal of onboarding is to help new hires assimilate into the organization. One way to help this process is to educate the employee about common conventions and company values. At the same time, the process should be fun and engaging. Give new hires lots of chances to socialize with and get to know their colleagues.  This will help them feel like they are a part of the team. The last thing you want is for any of your employees to feel like outsiders.

Give Equal Attention to Remote Employees

 Remote workers are often overlooked when it comes to onboarding. To optimize your onboarding process, you want to standardize it so that both in-office employees and remote employees receive an equal level of support. Video tutorials, video conferencing tools, and small training programs can make onboarding more effective for remote workers. On the first day, it is also a great idea to use video technology to show employees around the office and introduce them to their in-office coworkers face-to-face.

A strong onboarding program increases the odds that a new hire will succeed in their role and stay with the company long-term. As you put together your onboarding program, prioritize the importance of the first day, build in time for regular check-ins, take steps to help new hires assimilate into the culture, and make sure both in-person and remote employees have equal support.

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