Onboarding is one of the most important aspects of any hiring strategy. When you hire a new professional in the metals industry, whether it’s a quality manager or director of business management, you want to ensure the new hire has the support and training they need to succeed. These onboarding tips can help employees start off on the best foot possible, while establishing the foundation for a long-lasting professional relationship.

Make New Hires Feel Welcome

A new hire should receive a welcome call from their manager within a day after they officially accept their offer. You want them to start to feel like part of a community right away and erase any doubts they may have about the decision to accept your offer. New employees who feel welcome from the get-go are less likely to accept a counteroffer and are more likely to stay with your company long-term.

Onboarding Begins Before the First Day

In the days between the acceptance of the offer and the first day of work, your goal as a manager is to prepare the new hire, keep them engaged, and provide them with support. First and foremost, you want to communicate clear expectations to the new hire. They should have a good idea what their first day and first week will be like before their start date. Provide them with information about their job responsibilities, team dynamics, safety protocols, dress codes, benefits, and company policies. You also want new hires to fill out any forms they need before they start. You want all the administrative tasks completed before the start date so their first date can focus on more productive tasks.

First Week Onboarding

The experience a new hire has in their first week can greatly influence retention. It is helpful to organize an informal social activity to help them get to know their new coworkers. If possible, pair the new hire up with a mentor. This can increase their comfort level, help them feel less like an outsider, and expedite the training process. You should also encourage your other employees to welcome the new hire with open arms, make time to introduce themselves, and provide support when necessary. If the new employee doesn’t feel like they belong, they won’t stay at the job long.

What Next?

After the first week, the onboarding process doesn’t end. Managers should continually provide training and feedback to new employees, help them set career goals, and give them suggestions for improvement. You want your employees to know that you care about their success. This will motivate them to want to do well and to make a long-term commitment to your company.

The onboarding process is all about minimizing anxiety, establishing trust, and integrating new hires into the team. You need your employees to feel like they fit in, but you also need to give them the resources they need to perform their responsibilities effectively and continue their professional development.


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