Taking the call of a recruiter can help you find a job that fits your skills and professional interests. But first you must understand how the recruiting process works and how you can leverage the recruiter to make the most of your job search. Here’s why it is a good idea to take a recruiter’s call even if you’re not looking for a job.

Expanded Opportunities

When you look at a job board, you only see a fraction of the job opportunities that exist. Companies who use a recruiter don’t advertise for their job openings. In most cases, recruiters are working to fill these jobs that don’t appear publicly. You won’t know what opportunities are really out there unless you talk to a recruiter. You may find that they know of a position that is perfect for you; and if not, they may find an even better fit for you after a conversation or two.


Even if you aren’t currently in need of a job, it’s a great idea to build a relationship with a recruiter who specializes in your niche. You never know when you will find yourself in a position where you do want or even need a new job. If you already have an established relationship with a recruiter, you will be able to leverage that relationship to speed up your job search. It’s always a good idea to prepare for the future, because your current situation could change when you least expect it to.

Validate Compensation

Another thing to keep in mind is that niche recruiters are experts in the employment market and have a thorough understanding of your industry. Even if you have a job and aren’t looking to make a career move, a recruiter can validate your compensation by telling you whether you are being paid competitively or being underpaid. They know the market value of your current role and can give you a sense of just how much you are worth.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Some positions out there are harder to attain than others. If you are interested in a job opportunity that is especially rare or challenging, talking to a recruiter can help give you the competitive advantage you need. They can give you insights about the company as well as the candidate pool. They can also provide you with tips to help you make a great impression during your interview. And their mediation skills are next to none, making your relationship with them invaluable.

Whether you’re looking for a new job opportunity or you want to learn more about the current employment market and cultivate a relationship with an expert in your industry, talking to a recruiter can be the first step towards landing your dream job. The next time a recruiter calls, be open to having a conversation instead of clamming up.


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