It wasn’t long ago when employers brought on candidates for permanent employment as apprentices.  Apprentices are making a comeback in modern-day America, mainly because the average plastics company struggles to find qualified candidates.  A plastics company that adds an apprenticeship program is more likely to find individuals interested in remaining with the business for a lengthy period, which ultimately creates a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

The Challenge of Finding Skilled Labor

The typical plastics company and other American businesses struggle mightily to add new, qualified workers.  Prospective employees now have their pick of jobs, some of which pay much more than anyone could have anticipated due to the labor shortage stemming from the ongoing pandemic.  An apprenticeship program is a solution to this problem.

Lean on a recruiter to help your plastics company connect with new candidates for an apprenticeship program and your labor pipeline will be primed and ready for pumping.  Your new apprentices will take the place of the 10,000 baby boomers who retire daily.  The alternative is to continue on the current trajectory and face the prospect of becoming a part of the following statistic: 2 million manufacturing jobs will be unfilled by 2025.

Apprenticeships are a Blast from the Past

When the word “apprenticeship” is used, most people think of 18th-century American colonists who staffed blacksmith shops and other colonial businesses with newly arrived immigrants from Britain.  Through apprenticeships were largely phased out in the 20th century, they remained a part of the plastics industry, and they are making a comeback in the manufacturing sector.

Apprenticeships are mutually beneficial for businesses and employees. They provide job seekers with an opportunity to expand their skill set without racking up tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in college debt.  From the perspective of the average plastics company, apprenticeships are beneficial in that they bring prospective new hires aboard in a manner conducive to training them on the subtleties of their work procedures and protocols.  Most apprenticeships also include an agreement that the apprentice will remain with the company, providing the opportunity to learn and make money for an extended period.

The Right Apprentice Program for Your Plastics Company

The apprentice program’s specific components that are optimal for your unique company might not be the same as those of another plastics company.  The rules for apprenticeships differ from one state to the next.  Furthermore, your unique apprenticeship can also be tailored to the following:

The best apprenticeship programs are highlighted by opportunities to establish skill sets and learn new information that helps workers advance the company’s collective interest while creating a launching pad for their careers within the industry.

Instead of attempting to do the entirety of the work on your own, consider leaning on a recruiter to facilitate the process.  A plastics industry recruiter will sort through the talent pool, helping your business connect with the right people for the job.

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