Landing your dream job in the plastics industry can take a lot of effort. You spend time crafting your resume, cover letter, and references. But can wrong references break your chances? Discover the answer. Then learn how to avoid mistakes with your references.

Wrong References Break Your Chances Very Rarely

 Yes, it is possible that having the wrong reference will be the difference between getting the job and not; but this is very rare.

One indication that the references may have been the issue is when you are dropped from the talent pool. If you didn’t hear back from the plastics company after they asked for a reference, this could be an indication.

But it isn’t always. The stage when a company asks for references is also when they’re narrowing down the candidates. They may have chosen another finalist for a different reason.

Whom Not to Use as a Reference

 While it’s rare that wrong references break your chances, it’s possible. As a rule of thumb, references should not be

Always Ask the Reference

That last point is important. Don’t just assume someone will be a reference without talking to them. Ask them to be a reference. They need to be prepared to answer a call from your potential plastics company.

This also lets you confirm that they will have good things to say.

Whom to Use as a Reference

 Some good options for references include the following, either former or current:

When choosing your references, focus on people who will sound convincing. Sincere, enthusiastic feedback is much more likely to help you land the plastics job.

When to Provide References

You don’t need to provide references when you first apply for a job in the plastics industry. Your potential employer will likely ask for it later in the process. The most common time they request it is after an interview.

While you don’t want to include the reference list in your resume or CV, you should have it ready. Keep a digital or printed file handy so you can share it with ease.


Having the wrong references doesn’t usually lead to a rejection, but it can. Avoid family members and friends. Get references from supervisors, coworkers, and anyone who is enthusiastic about your abilities and has worked with you professionally. You can boost your chances of landing your dream job in the plastics industry with the right references.

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