Your interview is among the most important factors determining whether you land the job in the metals industry you apply for. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found that 90% of hires are chosen just because of the interview.

This means that ensuring your interview goes smoothly is crucial to your success in landing the job. The following critical interview tips will help you do just that and advance your career in the metals industry.

Research the Company and Talk to Your Recruiter

 Because your interview is so important, you need to take the time to prepare for it. This includes researching the company, as this will reflect well on your dedication during the interview. You should also consult your recruiter to learn more about the role before the interview.

The more you know about roles, responsibilities, and the company before the interview, the better it will go. You can answer questions confidently. You will show the interviewer that you are truly interested in the metals company and the job itself.

Prepare in Other Ways as Well

 Your preparation needs to go beyond just researching the company and talking to your recruiter. You also need to plan every other aspect of it. Think about what you will wear and how you will get there. Make sure you know how long it will take to arrive so that you can be on time.

Of course, you also want to prepare for the most common questions. Plan something extra for the most challenging questions.

Don’t also forget to prepare how you will discuss your experience. If you are new to the metals industry, highlight how your experience prepared you for this role. If you have experience in the industry, highlight that.

Expect common questions about specific experiences. For example, interviewers are likely to ask about a challenging time or how you dealt with a mistake. Think about these ahead of time to be ready to spin them as a positive.

Plan Questions for the Interviewer

Researching the company is one way to show you are prepared for the interview. Another is to ask the interview questions. This is your chance to learn more about the metals company and your role. It also lets you demonstrate how well you prepared for the interview.

The best questions will cover the day-to-day responsibilities or the industry challenges. Try to come up with questions that show you did your research. For example, mention something about the company’s vision and ask a question about how your role would work toward it.

Critical Interview Tips for Interviewers

While most critical interview tips are for job seekers, interviewers should also prepare. Most importantly, every metals company needs to remember that the interview goes both ways. You want to make the candidate want to work with you. This is especially important in a competitive industry like metals, where there is not enough labor. When in doubt, ask a recruiter for advice or even have them conduct the initial interview.


Preparation is key to landing a job in the metals interview. Plan your answers to interview questions ahead of time, research the company, and make sure you arrive on time and dress to impress.

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