Every business is faced with the challenge of employee retention.  For a business to succeed long-term, it must retain top employees to profit and thrive.

Retention in the plastics industry is even more challenging because  the industry is not as popular as the tech space.  However, the best companies do an excellent job retaining their best people.  Let’s take a quick look at how leaders in the plastics industry can improve retention.

Leaders Really can Boost Retention

It is not only company benefits and policies that shape retention rates.  The company’s leadership also determines retention in the plastics industryLeaders understand that employees yearn for engagement .  The best leaders understand engagement is essential for driving growth and adding to profitability.  Those in leadership roles who demonstrate an awareness of their ability to engage and retain employees will ultimately find they spend less time and money hiring and training.

Leaders Recognize Company Limits

There comes a point in time when it no longer makes sense to maintain the status quo.  A company with a comparably low employee retention rate or one with a spike in employee departures is a business in need of a reassessment.  In particular, the human resources department and company leaders should perform a self-reflection.

True leaders recognize their team’s limits and outsource to specialists when necessary.  Consider outsourcing your new hire search to recruiters; you’ll be provided with the best candidates in surprisingly little time.

Communicate and Keep the Door Open

It is often said that the best leaders are elite communicators.  Employees value leaders willing to invest the effort and time necessary to shape coherent responses to questions, concerns, and statements.  Lean toward over-communicating with your team rather than under-communicating, maintain an open-door policy in which all employees are invited to speak with you, and you will earn the respect of your team.  A respected leader is much more likely to retain his loyal hardworking team as the years go by.

Be Visible

Putting in “face time” at work is now a legitimate concern as we are progressing through the work-from-home stage of the ongoing pandemic.  Appearing in front of your team through videoconferencing is not enough.  Meet with your team members, show up early for meetings, communicate with conviction, and maintain an open mind during discussions with others.

Make an effort to engage in face-to-face interactions in the office at every opportunity.  Reserve phone calls, videoconferences, and texts for situations when face-to-face interactions are not possible; and you’ll find your team will be more cohesive as time progresses.

Provide Perks in Addition to Compensation

Today’s employees are just as interested in vacation days, paid time off, sick days, casual dress codes, and other perks as they are a salary or hourly wage.  Offer your hardworking team some benefits aside from health insurance like pizza Fridays, paid birthdays off, on-site daycare, or parking reimbursement; and your retention rate will increase accordingly.

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