Mediocre Talent Corrupts Your Talent Pool

When you work in a team environment, mediocre talent brings down the whole team. Your other employees will have to pick up the slack, which prevents them from giving their whole attention to their own work. This ultimately affects performance across the board, especially if you have more than one person on your team who is underperforming. If you have several mediocre employees, the effects can be devastating.

Drives Down Profits

Settling for mediocrity can have a negative impact on your bottom line. You can’t work at your full capacity as a company unless everyone is doing their part. In addition, when you have underperforming talent, you end up needing more manager involvement, which ends up hurting profits. Now imagine having multiple employees who are mediocre. You are bound to see a decrease in sales.


Mediocre talent also hurts team morale. If you have one employee who isn’t engaged or motivated, it can have a ripple effect. If not everyone is doing their fair share, your high performers are more likely to experience burnout, which can end up harming morale across the company. It can be especially bad if you have high performers and mediocre employees who have the same salary. This can cause resentment and discourage your talent from putting forth their best effort.


Settling during the hiring process will take its toll on your brand over time. You don’t want the company name associated with low standards. This is exactly what happens when you settle for mediocrity. You want your clients, potential clients, and potential employees to know you have high standards and are committed to providing the best service and culture. Settling during the hiring process will send a negative message about the company both internally and externally.

The talent your business has is what allows your company to grow and prosper. But having mediocre talent impedes growth, limits profits, and hurts team morale. Instead of settling in your hiring decisions, you want to make sure that every time you send a job offer, you feel confident you are about to hire an employee that will be engaged and determined to succeed. You want employees who uplift your team.

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