To succeed in plastics, you have to sell your product and sell your company. This can be a challenge if you aren’t a natural salesperson. The following tips will help you craft a winning pitch and close more deals by focusing on emotional intelligence, communication, and organizational skills.

Work on Communication Skills

How you communicate can make or break a deal on several levels, so it is essential to improve nonverbal and verbal communication skills continuously. First, you want to practice how you communicate your pitch to customers. It is crucial that every time you discuss a deal with a client, you share with them how your product can add value to them. What about your product can benefit the customer? How does your product differ from that of other manufacturers? Second, you want to think about the frequency of your communication. While you don’t want to be overly pushy, regular communication is important. One conversation with a client isn’t enough. If you don’t follow up with them, you signal to them a lack of interest.

Practice Makes Perfect

Conversations related to sales are often awkward and may not feel natural. Most people aren’t good at giving pitches without a lot of practice and preparation. One way to prepare is to sit down and reflect on your pitch. Does your pitch provide customers with all the relevant information they need? Does your pitch have the appropriate tone? Once you are satisfied with the content of your pitch, it is a good idea to practice the pitch with a friend, colleague, or someone else you trust to give you honest feedback.

Stay Calm

How your present yourself matters. If you come across as nervous, the customer will wonder why. For example, they may think you lack confidence in your product. If you’re anxious, the customer will start to feel anxious. In addition, if you are nervous as you give your pitch, you may end up talking too much or forgetting key points. Take a deep breath and keep your composure. Practicing your pitch will help with this because it will make you more aware of the pace of your delivery, the tone of your voice, your facial expressions, your body language, and other aspects of communication that can signal either nervousness or self-confidence.

Understand the Customer

If you want to close more deals in plastics, you have to take the time to understand your customers. Start by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. If you were on the receiving end of your pitch, how would it make you feel? Would it pique your interest? Would you feel overwhelmed or confused? What questions would you have? You also want to research the customer. What are their business needs? What problem are they trying to solve? The more you know about the customer, the more you can customize your pitch in a way that will truly resonate with them.

In plastics, closing deals is essential to increasing sales and growing as a company. You can improve your ability to close deals by honing your communication skills, practicing your pitch, keeping your cool, and taking the time to understand the customer’s unique needs.

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