Leaders in the plastics industry can’t overlook how top talent impacts the company culture. Influential people stand out from the crowd and grab attention. They encourage respect, trust, and recognition. This can make them more effective leaders.

So, the top talent in your plastics company affects your company culture via leadership. But what does this look like?

The Importance of Company Culture

Before getting into how top talent impacts your company culture, discover why having a company culture is important.

Creating a strong company culture helps you see if new talent is a good fit. It also plays a part in employee retention.

Candidates will learn about your company culture before accepting an offer or even applying for a job. If they think it’s a good fit, they will apply. If not, they’ll look elsewhere in the plastics industry.

How Top Talent Impacts the Company Culture

To look at how top talent affects the company’s culture, consider that these employees are typically influential. What an influential person does, the others will follow. Maybe this means encouraging other workers to participate in team-building events, to work overtime when necessary, or to follow a healthy work-life balance.

Simply put, top talent influences other members of your team via their leadership skills, which helps to develop the company culture.

How Top Talent Builds Influence

Top talent has a strong influence on other employees. Most people with experience in the plastics sector will agree that this is the case.

But it’s still worth mentioning some strategies they use to gain influence and to rise to leadership roles – either officially or unofficially.

Savvy talent will use the following strategies:

Conversely, the top talent will avoid the following behaviors:

The Company Culture Will Follow

If your top talent displays the above traits, their influence will spread. Eventually, your culture will include traits like listening to others, being flexible, and helping others.


The top talent within your company tends to influence other employees. Via that influence, they play a key role in developing your company culture. This top talent will lead by example, demonstrating traits that will benefit your company, whether that is good work-life balance or flexibility to work overtime. Keep the influence of your top talent in mind as you recruit new employees for your plastics company.

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