Is your company focused on hiring and training “rainmakers” or are you content to fill the ranks with warm bodies who are productive and keep operations humming along?  Instead of settling for the bare minimum, consider shifting your sights to potential rainmaker employees who emerge as true leaders and make a meaningful difference in the success of your company.

Embrace the Challenge of Retention

Finding hardworking employees is difficult in and of itself.  Retaining those employees for the long haul is even more difficult.  Members of the millennial and Generation Z age cohorts tend to hop from one job to the next, replicating the disposability of the consumer culture they grew up in.

The question is how, exactly, can metals companies find potential leaders and cultivate their potential?  The answer partially lies in leaning on a recruiter to find employees who are legitimate difference-makers.  Recruiters are particularly talented at analyzing, vetting and pairing prospects to open positions.  Lean on a recruiter to help you find high-quality employees and you’ll dramatically reduce the chances of investing time and resources into employees who are more interested in job-switching than becoming a leader at your organization.

Tailor Your Work Culture to Targeted Hires

Genuine leaders who make a meaningful difference at their place of employment are capable of quickly altering their strategies, methods and expectations under pressure.  If a legitimate leader considers your organization to be inadequate in terms of its mission, culture, workplace environment, and opportunities for growth and purpose, he or she will be inclined to develop into a leader elsewhere.  Focus on creating a work environment that your valued new hires and current employees value and they’ll be inclined to not only remain with the company but thrive and fully develop their potential as leaders there.

Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders With Autonomy and Flexibility

Take a moment to review your current work environment to gauge whether your leaders exercise at least a moderate level of autonomy throughout the workday.  Consider whether your team feels as though the workplace environment is flexible as opposed to rigidly micromanaged.

True leaders are looking for flexible opportunities that allow for innovation.  Genuine leaders put their stamp on the organization.  Create such opportunities for your current employees as well as your prospective hires, and the stage will be set for fostering the next generation of leaders.

Mentor and Train New Hires the Right Way

If you were to poll millennials and members of the Generation Z age cohorts, you would find the vast majority are at least somewhat disappointed in the training programs provided at work.  The new generation of employees is looking for opportunities to learn from experienced adults willing to provide guidance and mentorship throughout the course of development.

So don’t overfocus on fringe benefits for employees.  Square your focus on training your new hires so they can transition into becoming effective leaders, and they’ll reciprocate the favor not only by staying with your business for the long haul but also by spreading the word to other job-seekers about the merits of your metals business as an organization that cultivates leaders.

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