Leadership Team

Mark Stocker


(502) 208-1212

Mark is the president of SANINC, and its subsidiary, MetalJobs Network.  Prior to entering the recruiting and placement profession, Mark spent more than 20 years building, training, and managing top-ranked sales teams.  He understands that by taking the time to ask detailed questions on the front, everyone saves time and is more likely to get what they want on the tail end.

Mark is a strong advocate of being a student of the game, and thus, he has traveled all over the country to meet with, train with, and mentor with some of the most talented and respected recruiters in the industry.  Some of these recruiters include Peter Lefkowitz, Danny Cahill, Scott Love, Jordan Rayboy, Karen Schmidt, Jeff Kaye, and more.  In the fall of 2015, after almost 25 years of operating as a stand-alone business, SANINC joined Sanford Rose Associates’ network of offices.  This move enabled each of SANINC’s companies to continue operating as independent, boutique, niche-market firms but now with access to resources and support that come with being part of a Top 10 Search Firm.

Under Mark’s leadership, SANINC has had record-breaking years every year since 2013.  In 2016, SANINC was given the distinguished Diamond Club Award by Sandford Rose Associates for being one of the networks top companies of the year.

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