The metals industry is becoming increasingly dynamic. Those who pay close attention to metals industry trends are excited about the changes to the industry, although processes may be becoming increasingly complex.

Two trends that are impacting the metals industry are one-step beveling and plasma cutting. Mastering one-step beveling of thick materials is challenging since it is not yet an exact science. Plasma cutting, which requires hot plasma to cut into conductive metals, requires precise cuts at high speeds. These are just a couple of examples of the latest metals industry trends.

Navigating the Growing Trends in the Metals Industry

Whether you are new to the metals industry or have some experience under your belt, you’ll enjoy a competitive advantage in your job search if you are willing to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry’s changes. Even if you don’t have years or decades of experience, keeping abreast of the industry’s progression will help you stand out on paper and in person.

When metals industry recruiters are asked for resume advice, they emphasize highlighting your understanding of the industry’s dynamics. Though some recruiters advise against a mission statement to open the resume, providing a short paragraph about your understanding of how the industry has changed and continues to change can be helpful.

Above all, the words you select when describing the experience in previous positions should reflect your understanding of the industry’s advancement and trends. Make it clear that you are flexible and ready to adjust to industry changes and you’ll stand that much better of a chance of landing an interview and a job offer.

Metals Industry Trends of Note

One-step beveling is coming to the forefront as an industry trend. The laser scanning of parts can completely remove the need for secondary beveling processes. However, beveling is an inexact science that requires expertise, precision, and attention to detail. Getting training in this process can be incredibly beneficial.

Candidates who understand the nuances of part scanning and control software to interpret scanned images to generate truly precise bevels ultimately enjoy a meaningful competitive advantage. Those who provide expertise in automating metals industry operations are also that much more likely to obtain and retain gainful employment.

Though the entirety of the industry’s operations cannot be automated, it is possible to ramp up efficiency with the assistance of automation. Develop or demonstrate an understanding of industrial automation, communicate how you can contribute to automation or its oversight. You’ll stand a better chance of landing the job offer you’ve been hoping for. When in doubt, ask for guidance from a metals industry recruiter and you’ll receive invaluable assistance in your quest for new opportunities.

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