The main goal of a resume is to create enough interest for a hiring manager to want to speak with you. Usually, this is your first opportunity to demonstrate how you present yourself. Companies don’t hire based on your resume; they choose to interview you based on your resume. You want to impress the hiring authority appropriately and leave them with a desire to know more. Hiring managers typically only spend a few seconds reading a resume, so you don’t have a lot of time to leave a strong first impression. These quick tips will improve your resume and increase your chances of getting a call back for an interview.

Focus on Achievement and Growth

If your resume is just a list of skills and past jobs, it is going to be forgettable. Instead, focus on achievement. You want to highlight how your job responsibilities contributed positively to past employers. You also want to demonstrate that your skills grew over time. You want to provide metrics and other evidence as support. Achievement-based resumes can help communicate to companies that you are the type of person who delivers results. Try to include only sentences that sell yourself and leave out ones that simply describe yourself.

Consider the Format

Include what sells the best first. An effective resume format for a management position in plastics includes the following:

Instead of starting with an “objective” that may limit your opportunities, start with a list of your highest accomplishments. These should be measurable and should relate to how you made the company money, saved the company money, or improved a process for the company. When you move on to your work history, remember that the most important parts of the resume are your achievements, so they should be listed as bullet points under each position. Next, list any professional awards, athletic awards, academic awards, philanthropic awards, association awards, personal awards, etc. Finally, make sure to showcase all of your education. This includes degrees, certifications, seminars, trainings, and continuing education.

Think About Keywords

Using keywords will allow you to target your resume to the job position. To start, look at the job listing. By identifying the keywords used in the job description, you can insert keywords into your resume that you know will be relevant to the job. Another reason keywords are important is that many employers have started to rely heavily on automation to screen resumes. With the right keywords, applicant tracking systems will flag your resume as a good match

Edit and Revise

It is crucial that you edit your resume and eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors. It is also a good idea to have someone you trust give you honest feedback by reading your resume and giving suggestions. Two sets of eyes will catch more mistakes than one.

You can improve the chance of getting a call back for an interview by making your resume stand out. Start by incorporating relevant keywords, illustrating your achievements, organizing your resume strategically, and editing the final draft.


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