Hiring hard workers for the plastics industry is becoming that much more challenging with each passing day.  The exodus of baby boomers from the workforce combined with the millennials’ distaste for working with their hands has made it difficult to fill jobs in the plastics industry.  Add in the fact that there are plenty of other companies hiring talent at high wages, and the competition for meritorious workers is even stiffer.  Here’s a quick look at how to make it easier to add talented workers to your team.

Seize the Opportunity to Hire Now

Drag your feet when looking for new workers, and you just might end up without any talent at all.  Some job seekers have several offers to choose from.  Instead of waiting for the perfect candidate, hire the best candidate available today with the hope that they’ll remain loyal to your plastics company after giving them a chance to work for a competitive wage.

Make timely offers to deserving candidates. Fill those vacancies, and your business will continue humming along like a well-oiled machine.  Keep in mind, plenty of companies will still be on a hiring spree later in the year; so it makes that much more sense to fill your open positions now rather than waiting until the optimal candidate comes along.

Treat Jobseekers With the Utmost Respect

Instead of holding open interviews in a large space such as a conference room, warehouse, or cafeteria, meet with candidates one-on-one.  Make it clear that you value the prospect’s time, show respect when interacting, and speak to that individual as though he or she is your equal rather than a workplace interior.

If you are struggling to find qualified candidates who are genuine and hardworking and who are willing to earn their keep, don’t hesitate to lean on a recruiter for assistance.  A professional recruiter will serve as the bridge between the top candidates and your plastics business.

Prioritize Those Hard-To-Fill Positions When Hiring for the Plastics Industry

Take a moment to consider which of your open positions is the most difficult to fill.  Prioritize these positions when searching for new talent, and fill them as quickly as possible.  Once the most important positions are filled, you can shift your attention to positions that aren’t as difficult to fill as well as those that are less important.

It will certainly help to write informative job descriptions of the positions that are the most challenging to fill so candidates know exactly what the role constitutes.  Don’t forget to detail the perks of the position, and include a description of the working environment so those with even a passive interest in filling the roles are encouraged to submit their resume.

Develop a Mutually Beneficial Onboarding Process

Your onboarding process has the potential to make or break your business.  Invest the time and effort necessary to create an onboarding process that new hires find helpful, and word will quickly spread that your business is worker-friendly and worth the interest of jobseekers

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