Plastics industry businesses that use digital tools for hiring enjoy a significant competitive advantage.  The days of resorting to pen, paper, filing cabinets, and in-person interviews at the office have quickly faded away.  High-tech tools have dramatically changed how plastics industry businesses perform hiring.

Examples of such tools include:

Businesses in the plastics industry that implement the latest tech tools in the hiring process stand a much better chance of landing the top candidates and keeping them as loyal employees. Let’s look at how to take advantage of technology to improve hiring.

Embrace the Digital Transition

It is no secret that millennials are replacing the Baby Boomers in the workforce and also in society as a whole.  Millennials constitute the largest age cohort on the planet, meaning they will now shape how to work, including human resource projects, is conducted.

Millennials prioritize technology, particularly in the form of software that facilitates the job-candidate search process.  The software has advanced to the point that it is now possible to search through thousands of resumes in mere minutes or even seconds, zeroing in on those that have specific keywords or key phrases that are most relevant to the available position.

Video Interviews

Though it is still possible to conduct in-person interviews on-site, more employers are transitioning to virtual interviews conducted through Zoom and other videoconferencing services.  Applicants who practice for such interviews through videoconferencing with the assistance of a recruiter are much more likely to succeed when the pressure is on.

Expedite the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process goes a long way in retaining new employees well beyond the point of hire.  Utilize tech tools to facilitate the onboarding process, and it will be that much easier to keep them in the fold for the years, possibly decades, ahead.

Technology has even advanced to the point that some components of the onboarding process can be automated.  Streamline these activities as much as possible, and the potentially clunky onboarding process will prove that much smoother for new hires as well as the business itself.

Above all, don’t lose sight of the fact that an arduous onboarding process will make the new hire lose interest in the job, dramatically reducing the chances of retention.  Web-based tools, including platforms for internal communication, scheduling software, and videoconferencing, facilitate a virtual onboarding process that proves mutually beneficial to new hires and the company itself.

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