As Baby Boomers are retiring, the plastics industry is undergoing significant changes, driven by increasing concerns about plastic waste and environmental sustainability.


Millennials are socially conscious, innovative, and job hungry. They have the potential to play a significant role in shaping the future of this industry, bringing a fresh perspective and inventive ideas to an industry that has been around for decades.


Recognized for their concern for the environment, millennials also focus on sustainability. Their tech-savvy skills and preference for convenience and speed make them well-suited to drive change in the plastics industry, long criticized for its lack of sustainability and negative environmental impact.


How Millennials Will Impact the Future of Plastics


Because millennials bring unique characteristics to the plastics industry, they will impact future growth in several ways:


Millennials don’t do status quo

They look for ways to do things differently, and this mindset can lead to developing new and improved plastic products that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. For example, a growing trend toward developing biodegradable and compostable plastics is reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and the ocean.


Millennial leaders prefer adopting new technologies and processes

Millennials are tech-savvy employees who comfortably use technology to solve problems and drive innovation. They are likely to embrace new technologies, such as 3D printing, that could revolutionize how plastic products are manufactured and distributed. This could lead to more efficient and sustainable production processes.


Millennials are rethinking use and impact

For example, they may encourage a move towards a circular economy, where plastic products are designed to be reused and recycled rather than discarded after a single use. Having a diversity of perspectives on your team means more innovative thinking and an opportunity to increase your market share.


Millennial leaders are positioned to have a tremendous impact on the plastic industry. They are advocates for greater transparency and accountability, likely to push for greater transparency in the production and distribution of plastic products, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices about the products they buy.


Hire Now for Future Impact


Millennial leaders can play a significant role in shaping the future of the plastics industry — if companies hire them and give them the tools they need to drive success.


With their focus on sustainability, tech-savviness, and a willingness to challenge the status quo, millennials can drive innovation and change in this industry. Whether it is through the development of new products, the adoption of new technologies, a move towards a circular economy, or greater transparency and accountability, millennial leaders could have a lasting impact on the future of the plastics industry.


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