Improve the Candidate Experience with Follow-Up

Candidate Experience

Just as your company in the plastics industry assesses candidates to determine if they’re a good fit, candidates evaluate your company to determine if the work environment will suit them.  If candidates don’t feel seen during the hiring process, they will assume they won’t be valued as employees; and they won’t want to work for you. Here are some ways you can improve the candidate experience with follow-up.

Why Candidate Experience Matters

The overall experience your candidates have as they interact with your organization and its hiring process is essential. It affects your ability to hire great talent: the better the talent, the higher the expectations. Great talent expects to be treated with respect throughout the entire candidate experience. The moment they feel like you’re wasting their time, you have already lost them. Providing a positive candidate experience will also improve your hiring reputation as a company. Moreover, if candidates have an enjoyable experience, they are more likely to refer others to your company, which can help you attract more applicants over time.

Communicate Quickly and Often

Providing fast and frequent communication is the best way to ensure candidates have a positive experience during the recruitment process. Candidates want regular updates about the next steps, feedback about how they performed during interviews, and quick responses to questions and emails. Transparent communication ensures candidates know what to expect during the hiring process and helps prevent them from becoming overwhelmed or stressed. Even if the candidate doesn’t land the job, they will still appreciate having feedback to apply to future interviews.

Provide Relevant Information

If you are interested in a candidate, it is good to follow up with them with educational information. This can take the form of written communication or even videos. The more candidates know about your organization, the stronger connection they will feel. Thus, you want to share relevant information with candidates about the company itself, the department they would be working in, the job position, and the organization’s culture.

Market the Organization

How you market the company also affects the customer experience. As you follow up with candidates, continue to pitch the organization to the candidate by highlighting your organization’s core values and other selling points that make your company a great place to work. One way to accomplish this is to share videos with candidates that feature employee testimonials. When candidates hear from your employees about why they enjoy their job, candidates are more likely to envision themselves having an appointment at your company and enjoying their day-to-day work life.

Providing an excellent candidate experience is the best way to win over talent and establish your brand as a great place to work. One way to improve the candidate experience is to follow up with candidates. The key is to communicate frequently, highlight the marketable aspects of your company, and educate candidates about the company and the job position.