Your plastics industry interview will set the stage for a second interview or a formal offer if you prepare accordingly.  In particular, it is in your interest to zero in on the interview questions most likely to be asked during the interview.  If you haven’t engaged in a plastics industry interview or if you are new to the job market, brushing up on some commonly asked questions prior to the big day just might make the difference between receiving an offer and remaining unemployed.

The Questions Will be Highly Specific

Plastics industry job-seekers must understand working in this field is somewhat challenging as it is a niche.  Therefore, the questions asked during your plastics industry interview will be specific.  Though some generic questions will be mixed in, the majority of the questions will delve into whether you are capable of working in the plastics industry and have a genuine desire to do so.

Be sure to perform your research ahead of time so you can provide specific answers to inquiries.  Highly specific questions are asked as it is in the hiring manager’s interest to determine if you are the optimal fit for the position and whether your skillset lends itself to the demands of the open position.

If you aren’t sure as to whether your answers to questions pertaining to the plastics industry will suffice, consult with a recruiter for guidance.  Recruiters have years of experience helping job-seekers prepare for plastics industry interviews so don’t be afraid to pick their brain prior to your interview.

Health and Safety Questions

Workplace safety is central to working in the plastics industry.  Prepare for questions pertaining to safety and health in the workplace.  As an example, the hiring manager is likely to ask about the specific safety and health checks you perform prior to beginning a project.  Articulate an accurate and informative answer and you’ll stand a good chance of landing the position.

Interactions With Others

Though working in the plastics industry involves some autonomy and comparably less oversight than in other jobs, it is still necessary to work with others including clients.  The hiring manager might ask questions about how you deal with challenging clients and co-workers.  Plan out your answers to such questions ahead of time and rehearse those responses with the inclusion of information about prior instances when you overcame interpersonal adversity in the workplace.  Rehearse your responses several times over and you’ll be able to clearly and artfully express that you can work well with others.

Questions About Your Current Job

The hiring manager will likely ask why you are interested in the open position, how long you’ve been unemployed or why you desire to depart your current position.  Instead of trashing your current or former employer, speak about that organization with reverence.

Keep in mind, the hiring manager is attempting to gauge how you’ll respond to future questions about his or her company if you were to be hired and subsequently terminated or leave for another reason.  There’s no need to stretch the truth or tell a bald-faced lie.  Rather, choose your words carefully, remain upbeat and highlight the fact that you are focused on building a better future with a new opportunity.

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