If you think it’s challenging to find qualified employees, plastics manufacturing leadership reports that it’s even harder to retain them.

Automated work in much of the plastics manufacturing industry makes many of the tasks seem redundant and even dull. The entire process of robotizing plastics manufacturing jobs appears business-centric rather than worker-centric.

As a result, employees may find themselves disengaged or waiting for the end of their shift, their paycheck, or a better opportunity. More money isn’t the answer to retaining your best employees.

It’s something far more abstract: happiness.

5 workplace characteristics recognized by plastics manufacturing leadership

Happiness isn’t something you purchase and distribute to your employees. Wearing silly outfits and carrying a helium balloon bouquet won’t do it either.

Industry leaders have discovered that how they communicate with their employees makes all the difference in retaining their teams. They focus on these five characteristics while treating their employees as unique individuals instead of numbers that can be easily replaced:

  1. Significance. Your employees need to know that you value the work they do. They want to know that their contributions matter to the overall success of your company.
  2. Workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Provide job performance feedback privately. Show that minor mistakes are growth opportunities.
  3. Engagement. Get your employees involved in their jobs and the company’s future. Ask about changes they’d like to make or suggestions they have.
  4. Communicate with transparency, provide your employees with the tools and training they need, and listen to their concerns.
  5. Appreciation. Employees want the paycheck they’ve earned, but they want something else too. They want you to notice the difference they made.

Ultimately, leaders in this industry strive to create happy workplaces that attract top-notch employees and retain them.

Happiness strategies you can implement immediately

How can you change your culture to one that supports employees with significance, respect, engagement, trust, and appreciation?

Try these proven strategies:

Although much of your work may be automated, what matters most in plastics manufacturing is the people overseeing each step in the process. Their happiness is the key to your success.

Replacing your employees will cost time and money. However, if you make people’s happiness a priority, you may find that you’ll need a recruiter to help you add staff to your growing business.

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