Ask around the metals industry, including the sector’s top recruiters; and you will find engaged searches emerge as one of the hottest trends.  Engaged searches are rapidly gaining in popularity for a good reason.  They produce better results.

Recognize the Context of Engaged Searches

The market has become extremely competitive. Top companies have reached the point where they are willing to pay engagement fees for preference.  The push for priority, especially when compared with contingent clients, is symbolic of the industry’s current state.  The bottom line is that the metals industry is booming, so there is a need for a steady influx of new talent.

As metals industry hiring managers and other decision-makers are aware, the industry has a relatively high turnover rate.  The solution may be to rely on recruiters to conduct an engaged search instead of the traditional contingent search.  However, most metals industry business owners and managers are uncertain as to what the differences are between engaged searches and contingent searches.

Engaged Searches are Rapidly Gaining on Contingent Searches

There is an ever-growing push to quickly fill open metals industry positions. This necessitates the use of engaged searches for a more focused analysis of candidates.  The primary advantage of engaged searches over contingent searches is that they guarantee top results for mission-critical roles.  On the other hand, entry-level and early-career roles with expansive candidate pools might be better suited for contingent searches though the downside is that such searches yield a lower success rate.

Engaged searches are also rapidly gaining in popularity as employers seek candidates with specific skillsets and qualifications.  If you were to poll metals industry business owners and managers, you would find those who use engaged searches fill open positions within tight deadlines.  This type of search also empowers decision-makers to specify the nuances of the open role to connect with the optimal candidate as quickly as possible.

As long as the role in question is to be filled promptly and the client is willing to work with the recruiter while keeping the lines of communication open, the result will prove favorable to all parties.  In the end, engaged searches empower metals industry businesses to select new additions carefully and attentively to their team for an outcome that advances the interests of both the employee and the organization.

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