It takes more than paying a competitive salary to attract great talent today. Even though professionals in the metals industry still want to earn a good living, they also look for opportunities within organizations that are known for having a winning culture. Let’s look at what separates companies with attractive cultures from those that are less appealing, along with some things you can do to develop a company culture that attracts great talent.

Measuring Company Culture

Hiring managers can use company culture to screen for high-talent candidates. For instance, some candidates tend to focus more on salary, benefits, and paid time off during the interview process. But high-talent people will inquire about the bigger picture by asking in-depth questions about your brand, mission, and values. The best candidates really want to learn how you will help them grow with your organization. One way to evaluate your culture is to track when talented hires are made and ask yourself – how many mentioned your company’s culture during the interview process. Then, evaluate the resulting level of group harmony, common purpose, and collaboration among your employees.

Building a Winning Corporate Environment

Job satisfaction is one of the variables that affect company culture, but recent statistics suggest that only 49% of Americans are fully satisfied with their jobs. If your company culture doesn’t promote job satisfaction, then you’re going to lose your most talented employees. According to workplace-happiness research, employees today value less tangible benefits like feeling appreciated, being given meaningful work, and being treated fairly. Metal industry GMs need to focus on promoting a positive work environment in order to improve the job satisfaction of their employees. Here are some things that winning cultures typically have in common:

Creating a strong company culture can transform your employer brand into a talent magnet. Pay close attention to what candidates are saying about your culture during the hiring process. Improving job satisfaction is essential to achieving a winning company culture.

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