Dressing for a virtual interview in the metals industry requires some planning and preparation.  Though many job seekers assume simply wearing a collared shirt will suffice, the truth is hiring managers are more responsive to a certain aesthetic when conducting interviews.  Here’s a quick look at how to dress for your virtual interview when seeking a position in the metals industry.

How You Dress Matters!

Your personal aesthetic during your metals industry virtual interview has the potential to make or break your chances of landing the position.  The clothes you select should impress the hiring manager.  Though the person on the other end of the camera is likely to see only your upper half, it is possible that you’ll need to stand up during the interview; so don’t overlook the importance of wearing professional attire below the belt.

Zoom and Microsoft Teams interviews might seem comparably informal and casual, yet that is not an excuse to wear overly casual clothing.  You don’t have to don a suit and tie for your virtual interview, but you should still make an effort to dress professionally for your interview.

Look Your Best

Presenting yourself at your best doesn’t mean you have to buy an entirely new outfit.  Rather, you can look professional with formal wear.  If you are a man, don a collared shirt that is well-cleaned and ironed.

Women are encouraged to wear a business blouse along with black trousers.  Avoid patterns and prints, opting for formal wear that is solid in color. Make sure any neutrals you wear won’t cause any problems with the background of your Zoom video feed from home.  Ideally, your background will be clutter-free or you will conduct the discussion in front of solid color background and use the green screen feature.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Oftentimes, it is the subtleties that make a lasting impression.  However, it is a mistake to go overboard with either jewelry or makeup as they detract from your identity.  Reduce the accessories to a bare minimum: light makeup, a watch, and possibly a bracelet, at most.

Resist the temptation to wear a gaudy necklace or any other accessory that shifts the attention away from your words.  If you aren’t certain whether your look is professional enough for an interview, it is better to be safe than sorry by reaching out to a recruiter for advice from an experienced industry stalwart.  Tap into the expertise of a recruiter, and you’ll ace your interview and be that much more likely to land the metals industry job you have your eye on.

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