If you are like most hiring managers in the metals industry, you often wonder whether you have selected the optimal candidate.  Pinpointing the perfect candidate is not easy, especially when you are inundated with applications and resumes.  However, if the candidate pool isn’t expansive and you don’t have many job-seekers to choose from, you might be wondering whether the individual you have selected is the right one for the job.

Compare His or Her Performance

The best candidates are those who have a track record of success in the metals industry or another industry.  Compare the candidate’s success to that of your best performers as well as other job-seekers and you will have a better idea as to whether he or she is deserving of the open position.  In particular, it will help to zero in on specific traits, motivations, and skills that the best performers share in common.

Level of Engagement

A candidate who genuinely desires the open position won’t be secretive about how he or she feels.  Try to get a sense of the candidate’s enthusiasm before pulling the trigger on an offer.  If the candidate seems engaged during the interview process, is genuine when asking questions, and makes it clear he or she performed research prior to the interview, it is a sign of engagement that has the potential to last through the onboarding process and also the duration of employment.

The Right Candidate in the Metals Industry Treats People Well

Take a moment to consider how the candidate interacted with the receptionist, the hiring managers and others on the premises.  Ask these individuals about their brief interactions with the candidate.  It might even make sense to analyze those interactions along with the candidate’s behavior and body language throughout his or her time in the building with the use of security video footage.

Pay close attention to the candidate’s responsiveness to subtle social cues to get a sense of whether he or she will make those around him feel comfortable.  If there are any red flags in the context of social interactions, don’t feel bad about striking the candidate from your list.


How long did it take for the candidate to return your phone call or email?  If it took him or her more than a day or two to respond to your message, it is an indication that the individual is not optimal for the open position.  Above all, prioritize candidates who are responsive and eager to work for your business.  The best candidates are timely, accessible, responsive, and thoroughly engaged with every aspect of the hiring process.

Still Struggling to Find Metals Industry Candidates?  Ask for Assistance

If the candidates who have tossed their hat in the ring for the open position do not meet your standards, don’t fret.  There is no sense hiring an inferior candidate when you can lean on a recruiter for assistance.  Tap into the power of a professional recruiter and you will be provided with one or several qualified candidates for your open metals industry position.

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