When was the last time you assessed your company’s onboarding procedures honestly?  Onboarding to get the best candidates makes a difference in employee retention and your company’s reputation as an employer.  Make a concerted effort to enhance your company’s onboarding and maximize your new hires’ potential.

Onboarding to Get the Best Talent is a Challenge

No one ever said onboarding was easy.  Add in the fact that business itself and the surrounding world are becoming increasingly complex, and onboarding becomes even more challenging.  The worst-case scenario is a waste of company resources in an onboarding and training process that proves overwhelming or insufficient, resulting in a low retention rate.  Onboarding requires the following:

Make the necessary investment of your time and effort, and you’ll facilitate a seamless transition.  Above all, plan.  Recognize that an impressionable new hire is eager to contribute to the organization, provide an opportunity for them to make that contribution, and prepare accordingly by sweating the subtleties of the onboarding process.

Onboarding Done Right Will Pay Exponential Dividends

Consider the potential impact of a genuinely comprehensive onboarding process.  Pay attention to every last detail of your new hires’ onboarding experience, implement the necessary corrections as time progresses, and those new additions will return the favor in the form of loyalty and hard work.

Focus on onboarding to get the best employees, and retain those contributors. You’ll find they genuinely appreciate your willingness to prepare for their arrival.  In short, ironing out the wrinkles in the current onboarding process sets up new additions to your team for long-term success.

Shift Your Perspective to that of a New Addition

Take a moment to view the onboarding process from a new hire’s point of view.  New hires are typically provided with access to company onboarding portals, meaning they have a golden opportunity to engage with introductory educational content that essentially serves as a digital-first impression of the business.

Even a minor detail such as a friendly message from a supervisor or manager featured on the online portal introductory screen or page will make the new hire’s use of such a digital platform much more welcoming and uplifting.  Seize the opportunity to introduce new hires to others as soon as possible, set the stage for mutually beneficial workplace social interactions, and it won’t take long for your personnel to feel like their coworkers are their second family.

When in doubt, tap into the potential of a recruiter.  Recruiters know exactly how to connect businesses with hardworking employees and vice versa.  Be selective with the assistance of a recruiter, ease new additions into the mix through the comparably less intimidating online portal and tutorial videos, and they’ll find the transition from being an outsider to an insider is much smoother.

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