Though most job seekers dread the interview process, the experience becomes that much easier with practice.  In particular, it is beneficial to practice answering the most common interview questions.  Those searching for such practice and resume advice for a position in the metals industry need not look any further than this corner of the web.  Below, we provide a quick look at the top questions asked in metals industry interviews.

Interview Questions for the Metals Industry

Most interviews in the metal industry start off with questions pertaining to the applicant’s performance.  An applicant who cannot respond to questions about working under pressure is unlikely to land an offer for the open position.  Ideally, jobseekers will lean on a recruiter to help practice responses to this commonly asked question.  Rehearse responses that touch on overcoming stressful situations, and the interviewer will be impressed.

Interviewers are also likely to ask questions about the industry itself to get a sense of whether the applicant understands what the metals industry is really all about.  The best way to approach such questions is to answer with specifics about the industry, employers niche, and the open position.

The more specific the response, the better the chances are of landing the job.  Furthermore, an applicant who touches on the dynamics of the industry will also have a meaningful competitive advantage over the field.

Personal Questions

Metals industry interviews have the potential to pivot toward the applicant’s personal life, especially hobbies.  Employers are looking for individuals with balance, meaning an applicant who is moonlighting at another job probably won’t be held in as high of a regard as an individual who enjoys fun, friends, and family outside work.

Those who can speak about how their personal life bolsters their work performance and sociability will stand a better chance of landing an offer.  Furthermore, some hiring managers will simply float out the statement of “Tell me about yourself” to get a sense of who the applicant really is and whether he or she can speak about non-work activities with clarity, cogency, and coherency.

“Can You Provide an Example of how You Have Overcome Adversity?”

Metals industry employers are on the prowl for problem-solvers who don’t shy away from challenges.  The top applicants will spend time thinking about challenges they have surmounted in prior positions and in their personal life. They should be able to speak at length about their ability to overcome adversity, continue trudging forward and remain strong even when things at work don’t go as smoothly as expected.

“What is Your Weakness?”

If asked about your weaknesses, highlight something you honestly struggle with (and are working on improving) rather than saying you take on too much work, that you tend to shoulder the burden of others, or that you are a perfectionist.  Remember, the interview is about both parties trying to understand each other and their expectations.

“Why Should We Hire You?”

This question has the potential to determine the applicant’s fate in the context of the open position.  An applicant who has a detailed answer rehearsed and ready to go will prove that much more likely to win favor with the hiring manager and receive an offer.  The best candidates use the question as a golden opportunity to focus on strengths and reinforce their most coveted qualities, skills, and traits.

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